What Is The Difference Between Writing An Obituary And A Death Notice?

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What Is The Difference Between Writing An Obituary And A Death Notice?

When a loved one passes away, there are a lot of details to sort out. This includes creating a death notice and writing an obituary. These documents are important and help families tell their story. Understanding the difference between these two documents will help you choose which one is right for you and your loved one.

Obituary Vs. Death Notice

Obituaries are a way to share the details of your loved one’s life with others. They typically include photos, a biography, funeral event details and surviving family members, along with special messages. They are also a good place to tell stories about your loved one’s personality, how they spent their time and what their contributions were to the world around them. The best obituaries are full of memorable details about your loved one’s life. The main difference between writing an obituary and a death notice is that the former is longer, more detailed and is generally written by a family member or paid professional. The latter is a brief announcement of someone’s death that is prepared by the funeral home.

All In The Details

Generally, an obituary is longer than a death notice and contains more detailed information about the person. It might include a biography, major life events and accomplishments, and names of family members. A death notice is a shorter version of an obituary that contains the basic details about a person’s passing and funeral or memorial service. It includes the person’s full legal name, date of death, surviving family members’ names and a brief description of funeral arrangements or memorial service details.


Historically, families have written obituaries and published them in local newspapers to notify friends and relatives of a loved one’s passing and to relay funeral details. Today, obituaries are often published online. A well-written obituary is a tribute to the deceased that is both a personal statement and a public tribute. Whether it’s in a newspaper or on an online memorial page, obituaries are a great way to remember a life well-lived. Obituaries can cost a lot of money to publish. It’s best to shop around and find a quote that suits your needs. Similarly, the cost of a death notice may vary, so it’s worth contacting your local newspaper and asking how much they charge.

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