Green Burials in Lake City, FL

ICS Cremation & Funeral Home offers green burial options that align with the beliefs, traditions and requests of our clients. We’re one of only a few funeral service providers in Lake City, Watertown, Winfield, Five Points, and Columbia County, FL offering green burial and are happy to explain the process to you, as well as accommodate your wishes or the wishes of the deceased.

What is Green Burial?

Green burial is often called natural burial or conservationist burial, because it’s minimally invasive to the environment. There are three specific criteria that define natural burial:

  • There can be no embalmment or preservation
  • Vaults and traditional headstones are not utilized
  • All burial products must be biodegradable

In most cases, individuals are buried in a biodegradable cloth or in an untreated pine box—both of which will naturally decompose over time. Graves are marked with a simple copper or bronze stake, and can be decorated by families with organic materials to commemorate a person’s final resting place.

Why Choose Green Burial?

Green burial is a growing trend throughout North Florida, including Gainesville, Jacksonville and Tallahassee. There are many reasons people are choosing green burial over more traditional burial or cremation.

  • Out of concern for the environment or for conservational purposes
  • Because of personal, philosophical or religious beliefs
  • Due to more affordable costs and the simplicity of the ceremony
  • As a more personal, intimate way of being laid to rest

The reason is different for every person. Most people choose green burial because it’s a natural return to the earth—one that gives your family something to honor, while leaving no lasting trace within the environment.

Explore Green Burial Options

ICS Cremation & Funeral Home proudly offers green burial and information to those who wish to explore it. We’re one of the few funeral homes in the area certified by the Green Burial Council, and the lands we use for natural burial are protected by a conservational easement, to ensure the final resting place of your loved one. Contact us today at 386-752-3436 to learn more.

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