Cremation and Funeral Assistance near Jacksonville, FL

ICS Cremation & Funeral Home understands that when you’ve lost a loved one, it can be a very sensitive time for your whole family, and that’s why we endeavor to provide the most caring and empathetic service possible for handling cremations or funerals. You’ll find that out when you have your initial consultation with us, and you have a very personable conversation with one of our representatives, who will be anxious to manage the whole situation with the utmost regard for your feelings.

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Affordable Cremation near Jacksonville, FL

Some people will indicate that cremation is their preferred way of departing, and in other cases, it’s simply necessary to say good-bye in the most economical way possible. Whatever your reason for having a cremation service, we can promise you that the cost will be the most affordable in the city of Jacksonville. We may be cost-effective, but our cremations are certainly not cheap, nor do they cut corners in any way. You’ll be very impressed with the services we provide, and how they respect your deceased loved one.

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Affordable Funerals near Jacksonville, Florida

Funerals don’t have to cost so much that they break the bank, and when you collaborate with us on services, you’ll find that we can do a great job and still stay within your budget. Contact us to inquire about the most affordable funeral services in the entire city, but which also do all honor and respect for your departed family member.

Affordable Caskets & Urns near Jacksonville, Florida

Some caskets can cost in the thousands of dollars, and some urns can cost in the hundreds – but it doesn’t have to be that way, if those are not your wishes. We can provide you with some very simple but elegant caskets and urns at our Jacksonville, FL center, and you won’t have to worry about them being cheap in any way – these are high-quality products which are built to last.

Points of Interest & Activities near Jacksonville, Florida

Anyone visiting the Jacksonville, Florida area should make a point of visiting some of the area’s premier attractions, some of which are described below.

Catty Shack Ranch

This organization is a non-profit outfit which has made it their mission to rescue endangered big cats from hazardous or unhealthy situations, and provide them with a healthy environment where they can live and grow. A secondary mission is to educate the public about the plight of these magnificent animals in the wild, especially those which have been subject to hunting pressure or poaching, and which are now endangered as a species.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

This park is open to the public, and it provides all kinds of recreational opportunities to visitors. There are biking and hiking trails for users of all skill levels, there are freshwater opportunities for fishing, kayaking, canoeing, and paddle boats, and there’s a Kids Splash Park for the youngsters in your family.

Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens

The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is one of only seven zoos in the country which has its own Wellness Team dedicated to the care and protection of the animals housed there. The Gardens include the Savanna Bloom, the Riverview Gardens, the Gardens at Trout River Plaza, and the Gardens at Range of the Jaguar. The animals have been gathered from every corner of the globe, to present the finest collection of wildlife in the entire region.

The Florida Theatre

Some of the biggest entertainment acts in the country routinely perform at the Florida Theatre, and on any given night you might see REO Speedwagon, Pure Prairie League, Johnny Lang, the Steeldrivers, or even the Happy Together Tour featuring The Turtles and The Cowsills. Many of these shows are geared toward the whole family, so make sure to check who’s in town at the same time you are.

Beaches Town Center

At the heart of Atlantic Beach and Neptune Beach is the Town Center, which is a very pedestrian-friendly venue that offers a number of boutiques, restaurants, fitness centers, and hotels, right on the oceanfront. Enjoy cool ocean breezes that drift shoreward, as you sip a cocktail or take a stroll down the brick walkways.

Avonlea Antiques & Interiors

There are more than 200 antique dealers housed in this 40,000 square foot facility, which has something to offer for all collectors, home buyers, and gift seekers. There are tons of different styles of antiques and interior decorations, and you’ll have great fun spending endless hours browsing through the many offerings of these eclectic dealerships.

Need Cremation near Jacksonville, FL?

If you are in need of affordable cremations near Jacksonville, Florida, we are the company you should be working with. We collaborate with every client in the most sensitive and caring way possible, because we understand what you’re going through, and we want to make the experience as manageable as possible for you.

Jacksonville, Florida Cremation FAQs

Many of the questions which we are asked most commonly appear below, along with the appropriate answers. If you have some other question than those shown below, feel free to contact us directly, and we’ll be happy to respond with a courteous answer.

How Much Does Cremation Cost near Jacksonville, Florida?

A direct cremation near Jacksonville, FL can be done for as little as $700, although that cost will rise if you should want a more expensive urn to contain the remains of your loved one.

How Much Do Full Funerals Cost for Jacksonville, Florida Residents?

The average cost of funerals near Jacksonville is approximately $6,500, although costs can go as high as $11,000 if an expensive casket is selected.

How Much Do Caskets Cost near Jacksonville, Florida?

Caskets near Jacksonville tend to cost at least $800, and some of the most expensive ones, e.g. bronze or copper, can cost as much as $10,000.

How Much Do Urns Cost near Jacksonville, Florida?

The price range for cremation urns near Jacksonville is approximately $50 to $300, and the difference will be in the material the urn is made of, as well as what kind of decorations have been applied.