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Passing away and experiencing death is an event that many people think about regularly. It is essential that all people take the necessary steps to ensure they are prepared for this occasion. While ensuring you have financial and other plans in place, figuring out what to do with your body is important. While some people will prefer a formal burial, there are other options to consider. One great option to consider is to donate your body to science. Various benefits come with this process and choice, and so our funeral planners offer the following information.

It Provides the Best Educational Option

United Tissue NetworkOne of the main benefits of donating a body to science is that it can provide a great educational tool for those in medical school. Going through medical school to become a doctor takes a lot of work and studying. While classroom work is important, medical students will want to receive as much real experience as they can. The use of cadavers of recently deceased individuals is often the best way to do this. This can ensure someone is working with a real body that can help provide great education to students and researchers.

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Donating Bodies Can Save Lives

Another reason to donate your body to science is that it can help to save lives. While our understanding of anatomy and human health has developed considerably over the years, there is still a lot to learn. One of the ways that we can continue to be educated is by continuing to study the human body. When you donate your body to science, it can help scientists evaluate various health challenges people have. Based on this assessment, a scientist or medical professionals can work on new cures and techniques that could save lives in the future.

Cremated Remains Returned to Family

United Tissue NetworkSome people may have a concern about forgoing traditional funeral services and donating their bodies to science because they will not be able to provide a memorial to their families. However, when you donate your body to the United Tissue Network (UTN), you will know that your body will be properly cared for and your loved ones will receive the memorial they want. Typically, around four to six weeks following death, the body will be cremated by UTN, and the ashes will be shipped back to your loved ones. This will be done at the cost of UTN, allowing your loved ones to create their own memorial.

If you are considering your end-of-life options, or if you want to start planning for future burial and memorial needs in the Lake City, FL area, it would be a good idea to call ICS Cremation & Funeral Home. Their team can provide all the burial, body transport, cremation, and other services you need. Call today by dialing (386) 752-3436 to learn more.

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