Funeral Plans and Preplanning in Lake City, FL

At ICS Cremation & Funeral Home, we know how difficult it can be for family members to make arrangements during their time of grief. That’s why we offer funeral plans near Lake City, Watertown, Winfield, Five Points, and Columbia County, FL. We help you help your family by planning for future arrangements. They don’t have to wonder what you would’ve liked.

Our knowledgeable professionals can assist you in choosing all the details, so there is less stress involved in the future. The decisions are all made, so your family is not making snap decisions at the worst time. From casket, to cremation, to flowers and obituaries, we allow you to have everything in order.

Your prearranged funeral plans in Lake City, FL allow you to give loved ones peace of mind. Just as a will provides guidance for estate, financial and medical matters, a prearranged funeral gives loved ones clear guidance for your wishes. And, they won’t have to complete this process alone, later on.

Our motto is “Do it today, not tomorrow. Together, not alone.” Our preplanning and other funeral services make this possible.

  • Burial, cremation or donation: Decide now what physical care you would like. Make arrangements for a burial or cremation, or designate that you would like your body donated to science.
  • Urns and caskets: Select your desired urn or casket. This takes the guesswork out of this chore for family members. “Would she have wanted a blue urn?” “Would he care what type of casket?” “How much should we spend?” These questions never have to be posed.
  • Style of ceremony: Prearranged services take care of the details. Decide now what type of service will be performed, and where. This leaves fewer surprises and difficult decisions for later. Our caring staff can help you set up the best arrangements for you and your family.

Contact the knowledgeable staff at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home today at 386-752-3436 to complete your funeral plans.

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