An obituary is often a difficult summary to write. ICS Cremation & Funeral Home wants to make this task as easy as possible. Our experienced staff is available to help you and your family 24/7. We also offer the following guidelines for obituaries near Lake City, Watertown, Winfield, Five Points, and Columbia County, FL.

Whether you want to write your own as part of your preplanning process, or have been assigned the task to write for a loved one, we are ready to assist you. Feel free to provide any details you would like included, and our staff is available to compose an obituary for you.

To write an obituary, the following information is typically used:

  • Announcement/Name: Include the full name of the deceased, as well as any nicknames. State their age at time of death, as well as the date, time and place of death. Provide their residence (city name) at death. Cause of death is also typically included.
  • Life summary: List the deceased’s date and place of birth as well as their parents’ names. Include any relevant stories about their childhood, including siblings, schools or friends. If married, state their spouse’s name and the date and place of their wedding. Cite education, recognitions, employment, military service and other major life accomplishments. Additional information may include hobbies, sports, charitable and religious organization involvement and other personal stories.
  • Family: List the surviving family members including their place of residence. This may include extended family, friends and pets. For children and siblings, list them in order of birth date. After the ‘survived by’ list, mention the predeceased. Include their dates of death.
  • Service information: Include all the pertinent information about the memorial services. Day, date, time, place, name of funeral home in charge of arrangements. Also provide the names of officiants and pallbearers. Include visitation, reception or other memorial dates, times and locations, if applicable. Share where to call for more information.
  • Additional information: Conclude with any suggestions for memorial donations and any thank yous. Many finish with a quotation, poem, or a few words that sum up the life.

Contact our caring, knowledgeable staff 24/7 with any questions concerning an obituary for your family. Reach our staff today at 386-752-3436.

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