Choosing the Right Casket

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Whether you are planning your estate or dealing with the loss of a loved one, an important part of the funeral planning process is choosing a casket. Caskets come in many different materials and sizes to meet different needs. You must also consider your budget for funeral expenses when looking at funeral caskets in Lake City, FL.

To ensure you choose the right casket for your needs or to meet your loved one’s wishes, take some time to research the different factors that affect caskets.

Casket Material

The most common types of casket materials are wood and metal. Some caskets are semi-metal to add stability with affordability. The material of a funeral casket can change how long it takes to break down after burial. Metal caskets will last longer than a wooden casket and are usually made from steel or copper and bronze. Wooden caskets can be made from many different types of wood. The most expensive wooden caskets are made from mahogany, walnut or cherry wood. More affordable wooden casket options include oak or maple. The most budget-friendly wooden caskets are made from pine, poplar or willow.

Some people want to have an eco-friendly burial. There are many ways to accomplish this. Some caskets are made from bamboo or seagrass. Cardboard caskets are also a great biodegradable option. Cardboard can be digitally printed with almost any design you like. If you want a wooden casket but are concerned about the eco-friendliness of manufacturing funeral caskets in Lake City, FL, look for a wooden casket that is made using sustainably-sourced wood and materials.

Casket Size

The size of your casket will be heavily determined by the size of the person being buried. Caskets come in almost any size to meet the needs of the family and loved ones of the person being buried. Although no one wants to deal with the possibility of losing a child, child-size and infant-sized caskets are available. Additionally, there are oversize caskets for larger people. With plenty of size options, you should be able to find the funeral casket you need.

Gasketed or Non-Gasketed

A gasket is a metal seal that goes around the casket to prevent elements such as water and dirt from entering the casket. Gaskets can delay decomposition, although they do not permanently seal the casket. The delay of decomposition is very important to some people, so be sure to take your loved one’s wishes into account when choosing between a gasketed or non-gasketed casket.

Burial Containers

Burial containers are placed in the ground around the casket to help hold the earth around the burial site in place. This helps keep the cemetery grounds uniform as heavy equipment and people go across the grounds. Many cemeteries require you to have a burial container to bury a loved one at the cemetery.

Find Funeral Caskets in Lake City, FL

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