Is There a Quiet Place at Funerals for Children?

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If you are attending a funeral and have kids, you may be wondering if there is a quiet place designated for children. Funerals can take an emotional toll on you as is, and having to deal with kids on top of this may or may not be suitable. However, making the choice to bring kids to a funeral will depend on many factors and can sometimes be a personal preference. 

Bringing Children to Funerals

Most funerals don’t have “quiet” places for you to leave children. So, you must make the choice of bringing your kids with you. Children are always encouraged to attend funerals because they can learn about death. Children will learn that death is a natural occurrence of life and that there are many ceremonies and religious practices that happen following the death of a loved one.


If you have an infant or a small child that isn’t walking yet, be aware that they may make a lot of noise during a funeral. Many attendees may not see these sounds as a disturbance because they understand. Others may feel that these noises are a disruption.

If the funeral chapel has a separate location, most parents will just carry their baby to that section or wait outside. Again, there may or may not be an option for a separate area for you to sit with your baby, especially if he or she starts crying.

Making the choice to bring your child is a personal preference. You may decide to take your child and leave if he or she begins to get cranky.

Toddlers/Young Children

If you have a toddler or a younger child of school age, you may have more luck with dealing with him or her during a funeral service. Toddlers are easier to handle, but be aware that your small child may have difficulty standing or sitting still.

If you plan on bringing your children to a funeral that are of school age or younger, you may want to limit your visitation time during the service.

Tips for Preparing Your Child for a Funeral

You may not have any other option than to bring your child with you to a funeral, especially if there isn’t a quiet area for them. However, here are some ways that you can prepare your child in advance.

Inform them

Before the day of the funeral, talk to your child about what they can expect when attending the funeral. This may be the perfect time to talk to your child about your beliefs following death.

Discuss Behaviors

This is also a good time to sit down and explain to your child the type of behavior you expect from him or her. This will only work if, of course, your child can understand.

Bring Distractions

Consider bringing snacks, coloring pages, or books to distract your child during the funeral.

Have an Exit Plan

It may not be easy to leave the funeral for your parent or grandparent to tend to a cranky baby or hyper toddler. But, you should plan for an exit strategy in the event you are not able to stay the entire time.


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