Attending a Religions Funeral

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When attending funerals and memorial service tributes, it’s important to be dignified and respectful. However, the type of funeral being held can vary depending on the background and personal views of the deceased and their family. Many people hold religious viewpoints as it relates to funeral rites. This is of high importance and can stem from various sources such as daily practice, cultural heritage, or a communal background. When attending a funeral, it is essential to understand religions’ funeral customs.

What To Expect

When attending a religious funeral, typically, the funeral is held in a traditional place of worship and officiated by a religious leader or member of the clergy. Every religion has its traditions and practices; however, broadly speaking, the funeral will be attended by the regular congregants and individuals who work at the place of worship and are there to assist visitors through the service. Common practices during a religious funeral can include:

  • Prayers will be said aloud and followed by the congregation on behalf of the deceased.
  • A religious leader will deliver a eulogy focused on remembering the person who has passed and highlighting their life and positive contributions to family and the local community.
  • Various other traditions will be followed, and this can vary depending on the religious tradition that the person who has passed on belonged to.

Keep an Open Mind

No matter the faith or cultural background, a calm, respectful, and consoling mood is nearly always the proper approach when attending a religious funeral. If you are not a member of the religion, nobody expects you to have expert knowledge. Having an openness to follow the traditions and rules of the religion is the most important thing, not necessarily knowing every detail in advance.

Doing Research Beforehand

While you are not expected to have the religious knowledge of a lifelong practitioner doing a small amount of research can help. Doing some surface-level research on the faith the funeral you are attending is being held under can give you a broad idea of what to expect and remove general confusion. General funeral etiquette is also advisable as many of these common rules of behavior are universal no matter what type of religious funeral you are attending.

Having the Proper Mindset

A funeral is a remembrance and tribute to life; you shouldn’t get too distracted by perfectly following all the rules. Going to the event with an open mind and respectful approach is always the best mindset, and remember, employees at the place of worship will assist you.

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