Where Should You Have the Guest Book at a Funeral?

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For families, the funeral guest book serves a few key functions. For starters, it lets them know who was there to mourn their lost loved one. It also provides the guests with a space to communicate their condolences. While they are a necessary piece of funeral stationery, there are a number of questions that will arise when it comes to their placement and usage.

Why are guest books so important?

These guest books are there to serve a very crucial purpose. The deceased’s family will not be able to focus on attendance during the grieving process. Without funeral guest books, they would have no idea how has shown up. Attendees are also able to provide touching words and articulate the grief that they are feeling.

On days like these, things get busy and are also immensely difficult. It can be hard to recognize all the comings and goings. For attendees, it can be hard to get their thoughts together, especially if they are not interested in speaking publicly. Having a record of attendance lets the family know who they need to thank for stopping by to offer a few words of support.

Where should you have the guest book at a funeral?

In most instances, the guest book will be placed at or near the front of the room on an easel. This allows guests to sign in as soon as they have arrived. It should be left open during the entirety of the service so that all the attendees have ample opportunity to sign and offer their condolences to the grieving family.

Tips and pointers for signing a funeral guest book

1. Include your name

This may sound obvious to many, but many mourners may forget to carry out this very simple task. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the family of the deceased will recognize your handwriting. That’s why many mourners will choose a guest book that provides enough space for a longer message to go with your name.

2. Speak on your association with the deceased

A family may or may not be familiar with most people in attendance. If you have reason to believe that the family may not know you very well, take the time to elaborate on your personal connection. Whether you were a coworker or a high school friend, this type of commentary is a must, as it will help the family piece together their loved one’s history.

3. Offer a heartfelt message

Even if it is something as simple as “we miss you!” this type of heartfelt message will make your entry in the guest book stand out. You aren’t just offering information for the benefit of the funeral home staff. The deceased’s family will read these messages for years to come.

4. Legibility is key

Ensure that your message is neat and legible so all can read it. If you are unsure about your signature being legible enough, take a moment to print it out.

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