Choosing the Right Cremation Storage Vessel

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If you’re looking to store a loved one’s cremations, you’ll want to choose the appropriate storage vessel. Just as people are often buried in beautiful caskets, it’s also best to choose a classy, sturdy cremation container that will honor the departed while protecting their remains for years to come. Let’s look at some of the many factors you should consider while looking for a cremation container. If you have any questions or concerns, it’s wise to contact professionals. The right advice now could save you from headaches and the like later on.

With urns, selecting the right size is important. Ultimately, there are no one-size fits all urns, and you may want a different-sized container depending on your situation. So let’s examine how you can select the appropriately sized urn.

How Big Does the Cremation Vessel Need To Be?

Most cremations will require at least 180 cubic inches of space and many will require more. Generally speaking, cremated remains will weigh between 3 and 7 pounds. The larger the departed, the more ash that will result from cremation.

Looking for specifics on which size urn is best? As a rough rule of thumb, you should provide at least one cubic inch per pound of the deceased. So if a person weighed 200 pounds, you’ll want an urn that provides at least 200 cubic inches of space.

Keep in mind, however, that this is only a rough estimate. It’s best to speak with experts about your exact needs. Also, the above outlines the general minimum requirements. In practice, many people choose larger urns and cremation vessels. A bit of extra space is fine.

What Material Should the Urn Be Made Out Of?

You can choose a variety of different materials for an urn. Glass is a popular choice, and you’ll find a wide variety of glass cremation vessels. However, many glass urns are quite fragile; if the vessel gets dropped or knocked over, it could shatter. If you do go with a glass urn, make sure you place it somewhere safe.

Brass, bronze, and steel urns are becoming increasingly popular. They’re durable, often look sharp, and will withstand the test of time. These urns can also be buried. Other popular choices for a cremation vessel material include wood and marble. Both are durable, but remember that wood may break down over time. You’ll also want to make sure that the urn is tightly sealed. If a brass urn gets knocked off a shelf, the urn itself likely won’t get damaged. However, the lid could come off, spilling the cremations everywhere. Many urns now offer threaded tops.

Ultimately, choosing a cremation urn for your loved one is a pretty big decision. If you’re short on time, you could choose a temporary urn or container vessel while shopping for the right one to honor the departed. Also, consider engravings. With many urns, especially metal ones, engraving is pretty straightforward and affordable.

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