What To Look for When Purchasing a Casket

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The death of a beloved one is a sensitive matter that will require deep thought processes. Casket selection is one of the items you’ll need to consider. Here’s what you’ll need to think about before you choose an item for your loved one:


The pricing is perhaps the most vital decision you’ll need to make before choosing the type of resting piece you want for your loved one. The prices of caskets and coffins vary greatly, depending on their material, design, and embellishments. You could spend as little as $900 or as much as $9,000, and it depends on how spectacular and elaborate you want it to be.

It’s best to check with the deceased person’s insurance policy to see if he or she has anything available to assist with the burial expenses. Then you can review your funds and decide the limits of your budget. 

How To Bury the Deceased

You may also need to make a few choices regarding how the deceased party would like to be buried. Cremation might be his or her choice, which means you can choose a special casket or container. A container can be designed with cardboard or fiberboard, and it’s generally much less expensive than other options.

Caskets are available for cremated individuals as well. The fantastic part about it is that you can rent either item if you desire. Then you can take the remains home and keep them near to you. 

You also need to think about whether you want a protective layer in your casket or coffin. Some items come with rubber gaskets designed to keep the elements from getting into them to preserve the casket and its contents for an extended period. 

Casket Shape

People use the terms casket and coffin to mean the same thing, but they are quite different. A casket is rectangular, whereas a coffin is hexagonal or octagonal. Some clients feel that caskets are more elegant and use more elaborate materials than coffins. Conversely, coffins are much more wallet-friendly and can be an excellent choice if your financial resources are a bit on the slim side.  

Material Type

You’ll also need to think about the material type and what you want the casket or coffin to look like. These items are usually crafted from wood or metal, and you can choose from the lower-end woods, such as willow or poplar, or go with something like mahogany or walnut for their beauty.

You have many choices for a metal item as well. Common metals used to build coffins or caskets include copper, bronze, stainless steel, and regular steel. Stainless steel is the more durable form of steel. However, copper and bronze will provide you with the rust-free structure you might want. 

You can also choose from various eco-friendly designs if you are concerned about the environment. Seagrass and bamboo are a couple of decent choices in that aspect. 

Consider all the above-mentioned factors before you invest in a casket or coffin. You will also need to consult with a good funeral home to gather additional information before making your final decision.  

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