Can I Have a Funeral in My Home?

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Losing a loved one is certainly one of the most devastating and stressful times a person can go through. Not only are there feelings to be addressed, but there are also the more practical issues of logistics that need to be taken care of. 

Typically, funerals are held in funeral homes, but in some instances, the family of the deceased might prefer to hold the services in their own home. As long as the family can prepare the necessary documents, there should be no problem holding a home funeral. 

Here are some more helpful tips to consider regarding a home funeral for a loved one. 

Purchase Needed Items

There are many items that should be prepared for the funeral service, whether or not it will be held in the funeral parlor or at home. The casket, shroud, or urn, are among the first things that must be readied.

It must also be decided whether the service will entail a burial or cremation. If it’s a burial, then the location of the burial plot must be identified. If it’s a cremation, then a crematorium must be selected. 

In certain instances, the deceased may have insurance wherein these specifics are already specified and taken care of. In case there isn’t any document preparing the same, then the responsibility falls on the family or whoever is handling it for the deceased. 

Secure Transportation Services

Transporting the body of the deceased must be handled with the utmost care. Specific guidelines are in place to ensure that it will be safe and secure to transport the body to the cemetery or crematory. 

For one, the size of the vehicle must be able to accommodate the coffin or the prone body if a shroud will instead be used. As for the paperwork, this includes the death certificate and transfer permit among others.

Hire a Professional

In Florida, it is not required by law that a funeral director be hired to be allowed a home funeral. However, it would still be ideal to leave the preparations in the hands of industry experts.  

Because it is a sensitive time for everyone, having someone else take care of the paperwork and all the other necessary requirements might be a better idea. That way, the family can instead focus on the more important aspects of the occasion, like preparing the eulogy and taking care of the guests. 

Relieve some of the stress during this time and spend a meaningful last few moments with your loved one who has passed. Seek help from professional funeral planners.

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