Are Funeral Home Services The Same?

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Funeral homes and mortuary establishments are essential facilities in the community. They assist in handling some of the sensitive roles that other organizations are not interested in handling. That is why such entities have been very effective in their operations.

But what is the difference between a mortuary and a funeral home? Here are some fundamental and unique differences between the two.

1. Cremation Services

Cremation is the process of reducing a corpse to ashes through high temperatures. The funeral home is mandated to offer such services, while the mortuary doesn’t have to. The funeral home is concerned with preparing the deceased’s body for burial. They will also provide a casket in which the deceased will be placed.

On the other hand, the mortuary doesn’t have to offer these services. Mortuaries are only expected to handle the storage of corpses before they are taken for cremation. After that, they will be required to return the ashes to the family of the deceased.

2. Funeral Services

The main role of the funeral home is to offer funeral services. This means they are responsible for handling all the logistics that are required for such an event. They will be in charge of providing a venue, sending out invitations, and making sure that the event goes as planned. The mortuary doesn’t have to offer these services.

However, the funeral home does work hand in hand with the mortuary when it comes to cremation services. This is because the funeral home doesn’t offer such services. Mortuaries are only responsible for storing the corpse before it is taken for cremation or burial. After that, they will be required to return the ashes to the family of the deceased.

3. Counseling Services

In funeral homes, Family Services Coordinators offer counseling services to the bereaved. This is a very important service as it helps the family to deal with their loss. The coordinators will also offer guidance on how to plan the funeral, which can be a very daunting task. The mortuary doesn’t have to offer these services. However, the staff at the mortuary is expected to be compassionate and understanding. This is because they will be dealing with grieving families regularly.

4. Location of the Facility

The location of a funeral home is usually in a rural area. This is because the main focus of such establishments is to offer funeral services. The mortuary, on the other hand, is located in an urban area. This is because their main focus is to offer cremation services. However, some mortuaries are located in rural areas.


These are some fundamental differences between a funeral home and a mortuary establishment. It is critical to understand these differences so that you can know where to seek specific services. Contact ICS Cremation & Funeral Home for all your funeral needs. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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