How to Choose a Funeral Home

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It’s best to be prepared long ahead of a loved one’s death. However, life sometimes doesn’t work that way, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to quickly choose a funeral home. It may be easiest to use a funeral home that you’ve been to in the past, but this isn’t always a smart decision. You might not be getting a competitive price, and other funeral homes may offer better or more appropriate services. Read on to find out the best steps to take when choosing a funeral home.

Decide on a budget

There’s a wide range of funeral services available that can be matched to what you and your family have decided to spend. Going in with a realistic idea of how much you’re thinking of spending is a wise move. Approach choosing a funeral home like you would any other major purchase. If you end up spending far more than you assumed it would cost, this will add stress to a time when you don’t need more stress.

You’ll want to consider things like your loved one’s wishes. Some people prefer a traditional burial and headstone, whereas others prefer cremation. Some want a religious service, while others want a secular celebration of life. If possible, discuss your loved one’s wishes well ahead of time. Determining these basic steps first will make the entire process smoother.

Determine priorities

Before choosing a funeral home, consider exactly what you’re looking for. Ask your family the following questions:

  • Is it important for the service to be in a central location?
  • Is it important to use a funeral home that your family has trusted in the past?
  • Is it important for the funeral home to be close to a specific cemetery or place of worship?
  • Does the funeral home need to have ample parking?
  • Does the funeral home need to have handicap accessibility?
  • Is price an important factor?

Shop around

You may be stressed and tempted to just take the first offer. But taking the time to do your research on each funeral home and compare prices will pay off. For example, you may find a considerable difference between prices for similar packages among funeral homes. You can get prices over the phone first, then visit your top few candidates to get a better idea.

When you do visit those funeral homes, be sure to bring a list of questions. You’ll also want to take a look at the facilities that will be used for your loved one’s service. If you want to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable business, consult your local Funeral Consumers Alliance to see if they’ve received any complaints.

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