How Does the Cremation Process Work?

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Death is a subject few people enjoy talking about. But the truth is, everyone should familiarize themselves with the details of cremation so they know what to expect when those services become necessary. No matter which Gainesville, FL funeral home you work with, all their cremations services generally look similar.

Preparation and the memorial service

Leading up to the memorial service, your loved one who has passed away is kept in a room that’s cooler than the rest of the crematorium or funeral home. Embalming is a common practice in certain cultures, but isn’t required for preserving the body. During this time, your loved one is bathed and dressed in whichever set of clothes the family chooses. Many adorn their loved ones with wedding rings, jewelry and family heirlooms that are later removed right before cremation.

Families have a choice between holding the service at a religious building, funeral home or crematorium. The benefit of gathering at a crematorium is that the cremation process can begin during the service. In this case, the casket is either lowered into the floor out of sight or concealed behind a curtain. One or two family members are permitted to witness the cremation.

The process of cremating loved ones

Once the funeral ends, the cremation services begin. Both the coffin and the deceased are placed in the cremation chamber where a flame slowly burns for one and a half to three hours. It’s normal for the casket to burn along with the body, and in fact, most crematoriums in Gainesville, FL require a casket for easy transport. The mortician extracts traces of metal with a powerful magnet until only bone fragments are left.

To complete the process, a grinder turns these fragments into a fine powder. The ashes are then poured into an urn and passed on to the family. The person named on the cremation form can either pick up the urn directly from the crematorium or request a funeral director to collect it for them. Ashes are returned to the family in as little as two days after the service.

Special arrangements for the cremation

There are a few things families have to consider before heading into the cremation process. As stated earlier, friends and family are more than welcome to dress their deceased loved one in sentimental jewelry. However, funeral directors in Gainesville, FL recommend taking these items home with them because the magnet will separate metallic particles from the ashes anyway.

Also, watches and pace makers aren’t permitted in the cremation chamber because the batteries will explode and damage the equipment. The same rule applies for bottles and other enclosed containers. Sentimental items that may be included in the cremation process include photographs, letters and other printed mementos.

Arranging a funeral and cremation services is a daunting task, especially if you’ve never had to go through the process before. With help from ICS Cremation & Funeral Home, your family can receive the necessary accommodations all in one place. Our funeral director is here to answer all your questions and guide loved ones through these troubling times.

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