Gravestone Materials That Endure the Test of Time

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The eternal resting place of your loved one deserves a gravestone that will stand unwavering for generations to come. Choosing the right gravestone requires careful consideration of all the available options before making a final decision. Here’s a brief overview of the most durable gravestone materials you can find in Jacksonville, FL.


Granite is a time-honored choice for gravestones because it resists harsh weather conditions and is super easy to clean. Unlike other gravestone materials, the mineral patterns retain their original colors of white, pink, gray, blue and green. Granite doesn’t fade beneath the sun, nor does it contort from extremely high or low temperatures.

While granite doesn’t deteriorate, it’s bound to accrue some muck from being outdoors all the time. This material tends to attract a translucent white film on top of its polished surface. The good news is that cleaning granite is simple—all you need is a clean cloth, water and dish soap. Granite grave markers that are well maintained can last for up to 500 years!


If you want a gravestone that will last for generations, bronze is the way to go. It’s so durable that civilizations have fashioned tools from the copper alloy for thousands of years. You can request a grave marker made entirely of bronze from your Jacksonville, FL memorial works or use it as a decorative accent on other materials. The traces of copper in bronze naturally form a protective layer to seal out the harsh elements.

However, not everyone is a fan of the green patina that inevitably covers bronze headstones. It’s not impossible to restore bronze’s original appearance, but it’ll take a series of chemical treatments and lots of scrubbing. A patina won’t harm the bronze, so whether to keep or remove it is a purely stylistic choice.

Cast iron

Though less common, cast iron has proved to be an effective gravestone material. The versatility of iron means artisans can prepare it using various different methods. For instance, wrought iron isn’t recommended for grave markers because the damp weather conditions of Jacksonville, FL will cause it to rust in a few short years. Cast iron is a much more heavy-duty metal that can retain its appearance for generations.


The natural beauty of marble has made it one of the most popular headstone materials for centuries. Marble responds well to carving tools and is the easiest to polish. However, a material that’s easy to work with isn’t necessarily easy to maintain. Moisture penetrates the smooth, polished surface over time and gives it the jagged qualities of granite. Loved ones who pick marble must be prepared for the extensive maintenance that comes with it.

When a family member passes away, you want a headstone that’s going to endure the test of time. Considering how expensive headstones can get, a durable material ensures you won’t have to replace it later down the road. The compassionate team at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home will help you make an informed decision that’s both long lasting and easy on the wallet. Send a quick message and we’d be happy to answer your questions!

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