What to Do When a Loved One Passes

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Often, even when expected, the passing of a loved one stirs up emotions such as grief and loss and can leave you feeling without direction. Many people lean on grief counseling and other supports to get them through this trying time.

When a loved one passes away in Lake City, FL, certain practical issues must also be dealt with, including the closing of bank accounts and re-homing of pets. Although it is often a painful process, keeping organized can minimize the pain and help you find closure, and an after-death checklist can help.

Create an after-death plan

You should have a plan before your loved one passes away, if possible, as it helps to cope in a healthy manner. That way, details and excessive paperwork do not get overwhelming, or cause undue stress and anxiety.

You can also take advantage of having your loved one around to discuss the plan. Incorporate their desires and feedback into the plan so you know you are doing what is right for them and for you. It’s important to understand that this is not always possible if your loved one suffers from dementia or another illness that impairs their cognitive function.

Work with your local Lake City, FL funeral home to see if they have resources available to you in constructing an after-death plan. Often, they can point you in the right direction and get you started on creating a checklist.

An after-death checklist keeps you organized

The idea of an after-death checklist can seem morbid, but it is quite necessary to ensure you don’t miss any important steps. Ask if your funeral home can provide a comprehensive list of what to expect after a loved one passes away.

First and foremost, work with the hospital and funeral home in Lake City, FL to process arrangements regarding cremation or burial. If your loved one was living alone and caring for pets, ensure they are taken care of in the short term and re-homed permanently.

Then, work to distribute the news of your loved one’s death to those they were close to. Give yourself grace—these are tough conversations, and you can delegate them to trusted parties if you wish. Also work with your funeral home or local newspaper to run an obituary.

There is a lot of paperwork to get in order next. Make sure to order a formalized death certificate, as this will start the process of alerting creditors and others of your loved ones’ passing. Read through the will, trusts and other tax papers with CPAs and lawyers to ensure correct execution of post-mortem instructions. You will likely need to file taxes one last time to close out your loved one’s tax account, which your CPA can help you with.

Finally, close all active accounts and services, such as email accounts, subscriptions and credit cards or debit accounts. You may have to sell property and forward physical mail as well.

Nobody should have to take on the preparation and planning of a loved one’s passing arrangements alone. Contact ICS Cremation & Funeral Home in Lake City, FL to speak with a funeral director or representative and discuss your after-death plan and checklist.

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