Which Is Best: Cremation or Burial?

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There is nothing more challenging than dealing with the loss of a loved one. Not only is the emotional toll incredible to bear, but many loved ones are tasked with making a variety of hard decisions in the immediate aftermath of the death. While there are several things to consider when planning a memorial service, the first question you’ll ask yourself is perhaps the most critical: Do you want traditional burial or cremation services in Lake City, FL?

If you’re undecided about how to proceed, we’ve got some tips to help you make your decision a little easier.

The wishes of the deceased

In an ideal scenario, your lost loved one will have left behind specific wishes that explicitly state whether they should be buried or cremated. It’s never a comfortable topic, but it could be worthwhile to set up a memorial plan for each member of your family once they’re of age.


While mourners aren’t often keen to address cost as it relates to burial or cremation services in Lake City, FL, the simple fact is that money factors into the choice. If you’re planning a funeral on a limited budget, then cremation is the less expensive choice by far. A traditional funeral comes with a number of built-in costs that don’t apply to cremation.

Religious beliefs

One other essential factor to consider when planning a memorial is the deceased’s religious beliefs. While most religions accept cremation, there are notable exceptions—Islam, Orthodox Judaism and the Eastern Orthodox Church, for example—that require burial in every case.


In today’s United States, people range far and wide, living in spots far away from their family. When people pass away, it takes time to get the rest of family organized and en route to the funeral. When you opt for cremation, you can have the process completed and then have the ashes moved wherever is the most convenient or poignant for the assembled mourners.

Environmental hazard

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, more and more people wonder how they can memorialize their loved ones without putting too much stress on the environment. In the case of burial vs. cremation, that’s a tough question.

Burial takes up plenty of space on a planet that is rapidly running out of territory. Over time, the body’s slow decomposition can also release into the soil trace amounts of the chemicals used to embalm the body. On the other hand, cremation is a one-time process that releases a considerable amount of CO2 into the environment.

In other words, both processes have their environmental trade-offs, and you’ll have to decide which is most comfortable.

Get help planning a memorial

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