How to Write a Meaningful Eulogy

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Experiencing the death of a friend, family member or other loved one is one of the most painful parts of life. The emotional and spiritual challenges could last for quite some time, and the immediacy of a funeral can add to the confusion and pain that you might be feeling. It can help to preplan your own services so your loved ones don’t find themselves scrambling to determine what your last wishes may have been, but even knowing a loved one had their plans in place doesn’t make writing a eulogy anything less than a monumental challenge.

If you’re ever tasked with writing a eulogy in Lake City, FL for a loved one as part of these arrangements, you should view it as an honor and a privilege. There are some ways to craft a eulogy that give the proper respect to the departed while also allowing for heartfelt anecdotes and perhaps even some humor mixed in.

Do some research

A great way to get your mind into the eulogy-writing mindset is to speak to as many people as you can about the person. They will help you think about angles you might not have otherwise considered, or alert you to charming or heartfelt little stories that are news to you. These can also help you when it comes to writing an obituary in Lake City, FL, as thinking about people on these terms can take some practice. Thinking of these as opportunities to connect more deeply with your fellow survivors can help make the process less daunting.

Write a brief biography

Writing a eulogy in Lake City, FL is an exercise in memory and affection, but it’s also a chance to sum up someone’s life (at least to the extent one can). This means that the above research will play another valuable role in helping you craft the brief biography that should be at the beginning of your speech. Talking with other people will help jog your memory about details like what town they were born in, or remind you that they spent those two years in the Peace Corps after college. All of these details will help you develop the first portion of a eulogy, which helps to center and ground the people in attendance at the service.

Add some humor

A funeral is usually a mixture of shock, grief and discomfort. Many people have trouble processing death, and might be feeling numb or outraged or just plain sad. All of these are valid feelings, and if you’re writing a eulogy in Lake City, FL, one way you can help every person in the audience feel better is with a little bit of humor or lightheartedness. A funny little story from your time with the departed, particularly if it involves a gentle rib about something everyone in the audience knew to be true about the person in question, can be a great way to unite the audience.

Writing a eulogy is a very challenging exercise, but by doing some research and relying on help and support from other close friends and loved ones of the deceased, you can really make your own job much easier. The staff at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home have seen countless funerals, and the best eulogies always include heartfelt sentiment and genuine love. For additional tips, or for help planning services for yourself or a loved one, please reach out to us.

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