Grieving During the Holidays

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The holidays can be a stressful time even when conditions are ideal. There’s a lot of planning to do, a lot of cooking to be done and a lot of people whom you’ll feel the need to satisfy—it can all add up to a very demanding stretch of time. One thing that can really add to holiday stress is if you’ve recently experienced a loss in your family or extended circle. Going through the holidays for the first time without someone you’ve been sharing them with for years or even decades is jarring. Grieving during the holidays in Lake City, FL is a common experience—here are some tips that can help the bereaved.

Trust your feelings

Many people who experience traumatic grief report that their feelings can change by the day, the hour or even the minute. You might be feeling particularly low about your loss, only to feel yourself lifted by a touching memory that you shared with that person. All of these feelings are completely normal and valid, and you should let yourself experience them on your own terms.

This means you should be open to letting your feelings dictate your plans. If you were slated to attend a holiday party, but just don’t feel up to it, it’s perfectly fine to let the host know you’re not feeling well and won’t be able to attend. Grieving during holidays in Lake City, FL is, in large part, about trusting your gut and not feeling overly obligated to act “normal,” because your normal has changed.

Create new traditions

After a loss in the family, some holiday traditions might not feel right or proper anymore. If the recently departed always played Santa on Christmas morning, for example, you might consider starting a new tradition as part of how to get through your first holiday after losing a loved one in Lake City, FL. Some ideas we’ve seen people come up with include creating a special ornament in honor of their loved one, or even creating a journal where everyone present can record their favorite holiday memories they shared with their lost loved one. A new tradition can be a great bonding experience that helps everyone make sense of their grief.

Do something nice for others

The biggest part of the holidays is trying to share your joy with those you love. While you might not always feel up to it, a lot of people get some benefits out of trying to make someone else smile. You might look into volunteering at a local shelter or food bank, or donating your loved one’s old clothing to someone in need. There are countless ways to make yourself feel better by making someone’s holiday season a bit brighter.

Grieving during the holidays in Lake City, FL is a difficult process, but it’s one many people have been able to navigate with success over time. ICS Cremation & Funeral Home can provide assistance with everything from veteran burials to preplanning services, but we extend our services beyond that realm to include emotional care—we want you to feel supported as you work through your loss. Reach out to us today to learn more.

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