What You Need to Know About Funeral Pre-Planning Services

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No one likes to think about, let alone plan for their own death—but it might be one of the kindest things you can do for your family. Pre-planning your funeral ensures that when your loved ones are grieving, the arrangements are already in place. They won’t need to make major decisions in their time of need, and you’ll have the assurance that your final wishes will be carried out as requested.

Funeral pre-planning, also referred to as “pre-need” planning in Lake City, FL, is an increasingly popular choice. No matter how old you are, making arrangements saves your surviving friends and family the pain of having to plan a funeral and how your remains will be taken care of in a very short timeframe.

Here’s why people choose pre-planning services in Lake City, FL:

  • You have specific wishes you want to carry out: Many people have specific wishes or envision their funeral a certain way, but if you don’t pre-plan your funeral and end-of-life wishes, you risk not getting quite what you had hoped for. If you have strong feelings about how your remains are cared for, what kind of funeral you have and more, you need to pre-plan your funeral well in advance.
  • You want to ease the burden on your family: As mentioned earlier, planning an unexpected funeral is hard—even planning one after a loved one passes from a long illness is hard. No matter how long you’ve had time to come to terms with your loved one’s death, pulling it together during those initial days of shock is incredibly difficult. To spare your family from this particular pain, make arrangements ahead of time.
  • You want to pay for everything ahead of time: If your wishes have not already been paid for ahead of time, either your estate or your loved ones will bear the financial burden. Many people choose not to leave the financial aspect to chance, especially because it can put quite a burden on others.
  • You want to ensure your family has a funeral: The phrase “funerals are for the living” has a lot of merit—they’re a ceremony to mark an important, sad milestone in others’ lives as well as the end of the person they’re memorializing. Pre-planning allows you to guarantee your family will have the opportunity to mourn as needed.
  • You want all your affairs in order: Many of us worry about how our friends and family will carry on without us around to help. In addition to easing the burden on your family after your death, pre-planning your funeral can give you peace of mind, too. No matter what happens, you’ll know that arrangements have been made and everything is taken care of. This can be a great comfort to people nearing the end of their lives.

To pre-plan your funeral services in Lake City, FL, contact ICS Cremation & Funeral Home today. We have two decades of experience helping people carry out their final wishes, and would be glad to discuss your options with you.

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