What You Need to Know about Organ Donation After Death

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Sadly, many hopeful recipients on the organ waiting list pass away before they are able to receive the life-saving organs they need, because the availability of these organs is extremely limited. A part of the reason these resources are so limited is because of the many myths about organ donation that can confuse and scare off potential donors. To clear up some of this confusion, follow along with this guide of valuable organ donation information in Lake City, FL that will help you make an informed decision that is best for you and your family.

Debunking organ donation myths

One common misconception is that organ donors receive poor treatment from hospitals once they learn about the individual’s donor status. In actuality, doctors, physicians, nurses and the rest of the medical staff in a hospital have no affiliation with organ procurement organizations (OPO), and as a result have nothing to gain or lose when a patient opts to donate their organs. In fact, they would actually be putting their medical career in great jeopardy if they encouraged or engaged in this type of malpractice.

Obtaining consent

Even if someone is a registered organ donor, the designated OPO must still speak with the deceased’s family members for consent to obtain their organs. That makes it all the more important to communicate your desire to be a donor with your family while you are still in good health and of sound mind. When consent is given, the organ recipient’s insurance company handles all of the costs of retrieval and transport. When the donation is complete, the deceased will be prepared and returned to the family fully intact for the final arrangements.

How recipients are selected

The donor and their family will also have control over the specific organs that are donated, whether that is a heart, lung, kidney or some combination. To maintain the fairness of the organ donation system and ensure that those that are most in need are prioritized, donation recipients are chosen by their position on the waiting list. There are some instances in which the donor already knows a family member or close friend on the waiting list for a specific organ, and has already taken the necessary steps to prearrange that this individual receives the organ through a direct donation when it is available. The rest of the deceased’s organs would then be distributed according to the standard waiting list protocol.

Although these conversations may be difficult to have now, gathering as much organ donation information in Lake City, FL as possible to help plan for the future can eliminate some of the tough decisions, and help to relieve the burden down the road. Here at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home, we know that making plans for the future that involve the death of a loved one or even yourself are never easy to do, which is why we take the utmost care and sensitivity to help you through such an emotionally challenging time. We are committed to offering your family the best possible funeral and cremation services so you can commemorate your loved ones in whatever way your family thinks is best. Please give us a call when you’re ready to begin the planning process.

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