Interpreting Death Among Different Religions

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Views on death across religions in Lake City, FL vary greatly. These views affect how people handle arrangements for their loved ones after they have passed. If you need to make decisions for burial and memorial services, understanding the viewpoint of the deceased can be helpful.

Following is an overview of how different religions interpret death in Lake City, FL. Use this as a guide to help you make burial arrangements that will be in line with your loved one’s wishes.


Christians believe in an afterlife. The Christian Bible teaches that, when a person dies, they either go to heaven or hell for eternity. Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross to pay for people’s sins, so they can be forgiven (saved from their sins and from punishment for them). Those who accept this forgiveness and follow Christ will spend eternity with God in heaven. Those who reject this gift will spend eternity separated from God in hell.

Traditionally, Christians prefer burial of the body. However, both burial and cremation are common practices among Christians today. Other common rituals include funeral services, visitations, wakes and graveside services which are held to remember and honor the dead and give mourning loved ones the opportunity to say goodbye.


Muslims believe in an afterlife. They believe that when a person dies, they simply move from one realm to another dimension of existence. When a Muslim dies, the body is prepared for burial by washing and covering it in a white cloth. Tradition also calls for the body to be placed on its right side, facing Mecca. Family members often pray, fast and perform acts of charity on behalf of their loved one who has passed.


Hindus believe in reincarnation. Death is seen as a natural process that moves the soul from this world to another world, then back to this world in another body. Hindus believe that the body is made of five elements: water, earth, fire, air and ether. When Hindus die, they are cremated to return the four Earthly elements to the world, while the soul continues on its journey. Many rituals are traditionally performed surrounding the ceremony of cremation.


Buddhists believe in reincarnation. They view death as an awakening and a break from the materialism of the world. According to Buddhism, the work a person does in his or her current life determines the status of the next life.

Buddhists typically cremate or bury their dead. Family members as well as monks recite mantras and scripture to help the dying person achieve peace as they pass. Family and friends typically wear white to a Buddhist funeral.

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