Differences Between Private and Public Cemeteries

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When a loved one passes, you’re going to be faced with a lot of difficult choices, including what to do with their remains. If they didn’t leave specific instructions in their end-of-life documents, or if those wishes are impractical, you may need to decide between a private or public cemetery in Lake City, FL.

Choosing between private and public cemeteries

With your loved one’s death comes one the biggest decisions you’ll need to make: how and where to put their remains. Many people want to bury the deceased in a cemetery, but private and public cemeteries are not the same.

Public cemeteries are open to everyone, but the downside is that they may be overcrowded, and it might be difficult to find a spot near the rest of your loved ones who have gone before. Even if a cemetery is privately owned, if it’s open to the general public as a place to bury the dead, it can be considered a public cemetery.

Private cemeteries, on the other hand, may be a place where no lots are sold to the public—this is usually ground such as a private family burial ground. They typically have neither military nor religious affiliation, and may offer better upkeep options than public cemeteries. They might offer the option to leave flowers on the grave for you, for example, as well as the regular maintenance that families may want but feel too overwhelmed to perform themselves. The downside is that the price may be a bit more expensive than plots in public cemeteries. To find the right private cemetery for you, you simply need to call each one and ask about services, fees and what’s included.

Generally, you can rest assured that both private and public cemeteries will remain around for the foreseeable future—the government has enacted laws to ensure that burial grounds are protected from developments and other disturbances.

Other considerations

If your loved one didn’t leave any instructions about where they’d like to be buried, consider whether they were religious, whether there’s a cemetery with close family or friends to whom they might want to be near, your price range and—last but not least—what works best for you, the survivors. Many people are focused on what the deceased would have liked, but the fact is that you are responsible for making the arrangements and visiting the grave, if you wish, and it’s okay to take that into account when choosing a cemetery.

Private or public cemetery? Make the decision in Lake City, FL

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