Important Differences Between Cremation and Burial Services

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Of all the decisions to be made when planning the funeral or memorial service for yourself or a family member, one big choice you’ll make will affect the cost, timing and other details of the service: should you choose burial or cremation? Your beliefs about how you want your body or the body of your loved one handled after death will influence your final decision. However, you might be having trouble deciding between burial and cremation.

Aside from costs, here’s a look at the five most essential differences between cremation and burial in Lake City, FL.


A traditional funeral typically consists of a scheduled series of events followed by a burial. Changing any part of a funeral schedule or service after settling on the details is not so easy. This has a lot to do with the event invitations needing to be sent out early and the funeral director making plans and reserving the venue (church, cemetery, veterans hall, etc.) ahead of time. When it comes to cremation, there’s more flexibility—especially if you plan the memorial services to take place much later on.

Timing of services

Burials happen fast, usually within a few short days. Some cultures and religions require the deceased to be buried within a day of passing, while some religion-based or non-religious burials are finalized in one week or less. Before burial, loved ones will want to say their final goodbyes, but traditional burials don’t always leave very much time to plan and prepare for this.

Cremation is different in regards to the timing of services. Memorials can take place before or any time after cremation, which is convenient if you are having a particularly hard time or need to open up a chunk of time in your schedule for the service. Many times, friends and family members who live far away cannot attend traditional funeral services due to distance, work and travel costs. Since cremation is an option, loved ones have a more flexible timeline to ensure everyone who wants to attend the service and pay their respects is more easily able to do so.

Final destination options

When someone is buried, the only way to visit them is to go to their gravesite. While this may be the final wish you have for yourself, loved ones can also choose cremation. With cremation, the deceased’s cremated remains are placed into an urn, which is kept in a surviving family member’s home (unless their wishes are to have the urn interred in a space on cemetery grounds).

The grieving process

The death of a loved one is heartbreaking. You hurt while honoring their wishes, and for days and even years after. Having a grave, a permanent place to pay your respects and visit during times of mourning, offers emotional relief to many. Cremation is another way to help close family members grieve, as the urn is always there with them.

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