How to Choose the Right Headstone for a Loved One

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Death can happen suddenly to anyone at any age. In some cases, the details are left to family members, and choosing a headstone is one such detail. It’s an essential step in the healing process after a death occurs. It’s an object to help those left behind acknowledge that the person is gone, but not forgotten. The thing many people run into is selecting a headstone for a family member that their loved one would approve of, as well as one that adheres to the rules and regulations of the cemetery.

Cemetery rules, your budget, the right type of headstone and other important factors need to be taken into consideration. We’re here to help you through it. With this in mind, here are some tips to help you choose the right headstone in Lake City, FL for your loved one.

Understanding headstones

A headstone, also called a gravestone, grave marker or tombstone, is a monument placed on the grave of a person who has passed away. It gives the location of where the deceased is buried as well as information about them (name, date of birth, date of death, a personal inscription). Headstones should reflect the person’s personality and how they were in life, as they are meant to memorialize our loved ones for many years to come. Since a headstone is so important, it makes sense to carefully consider the best design, shape and material based on your budget and preferences.

Types of headstones

Below is an overview of the basic types of headstones. The headstone will mark your loved one’s grave and say a little something in remembrance of him or her:

  • Upright headstone: This is one of the most popular styles of headstone. They have a traditional upright design that can be made from marble, granite, limestone or other stone material. They are fixed to the ground with a concrete base to keep them from falling over.
  • Flat headstone: A flat headstone is made from granite or bronze and sits flush with the ground. There is not much space on the marker for a long inscription when compared to an upright headstone, but this is okay with some people.
  • Raised-up flat marker: Similar to a flat headstone, a raised-up flat marker (also known as a sloped marker, bevel marker or rear desk tablet) is a block of stone or concrete, sometimes bronze, raised to a slant from the rear or sloping front face.
  • Kerbed headstone: Also called ledger markers, kerbed headstones are full headstones, except they lie on the ground and are usually complemented with an upright headstone to display the inscription. These headstones are a few inches thick, making them a sturdier grave marker than some other styles.

Rules of final resting place

Before selecting a headstone for your loved one, check on the rules and regulations with your chosen cemetery in Lake City, FL. Find out if they accept burials for all religions (or non-religious deceased), and whether they regulate inscription content, the types of headstone material and anything else of importance.

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