What to Do After a Death

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After a loved one dies, emotions are intense—and if you haven’t gone through the process before, you might be surprised at all the things you must do and decisions you have to make in the immediate aftermath, including making funeral arrangements in Lake City, FL.

Here is an overview of the basic things you need to do when a loved one dies:

  • Report the death to the proper authorities: When your loved one dies at a hospital or assisted living facility, officials there will be able to guide you through the death certification process. You’ll need a death certificate in order to settle the estate and collect on any insurance policies, so that will need to get started as soon as possible. When you receive the death certificate, be sure to make multiple copies so you’ll have them on hand throughout the process.
  • Clean out any assisted living quarters: If your loved one died in a hospital or assisted living facility, you will naturally need to clean out their living quarters at a more rapid pace than you would if they had been living independently.
  • Inform the family and write a death notice: Next, you’ll want to inform the family of what happened, and write a death notice or obituary. This is a job that can be delegated to extended friends or family, should you find it too overwhelming.
  • Decide on a funeral director: Deciding on a funeral director or funeral home is the next step of the process, and sometimes needs to be done within a few hours of the death. That means you’ll need to decide whether the body will be buried or cremated, so the funeral home can prepare it appropriately.
  • Decide on a type of service: You’ll want to decide on the type of memorial you’ll have for your loved one, especially if they didn’t write down their end-of-life wishes or otherwise make them clear. A funeral director can provide guidance in this situation.
  • Make cemetery and funeral arrangements: Next, it’s time to make concrete funeral and cemetery arrangements in Lake City, FL and start informing friends, family and the public (if desired) about when the service or services will happen, including the funeral and graveside interment, should you decide to go that route.
  • Personalize the service: Finally, you’ll want to personalize the service. Many families find it comforting to display photos of their loved ones, write eulogies and even create slideshows to display during the wake or service. Depending on your preferences, you may wish to make this a group effort.

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