Thinking About Having a “Green” Funeral? Here Are a Few Things to Know

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People are becoming more and more conscious of their environmental footprint. Many people are spending more time focused on recycling, investing in energy-efficient appliances and vehicles and taking other steps to reduce the burden that they place on the planet.

Did you know, however, that traditional burials and the conventional embalming process can wreak havoc on the environment? When bodies are embalmed, there are a number of significantly damaging chemicals involved, which can eventually contaminate the ground around them.

In response to this, many people are beginning to explore green, ecologically conscious embalming techniques. There are a number of burgeoning green burial techniques and technologies that are rapidly growing in popularity. It’s important to note, however, that not all burial techniques are allowed in all jurisdictions.

If you’d like to learn more about a specific type of green burial technique, and its legality in your area, consider consulting with a company specializing in funeral services in Lake City, FL. Here are just some of the green burial techniques worth noting:

  • Tree urns: While cremation isn’t necessarily the most ecologically conscious type of burial, there are ways that you can make the process more eco-friendly. For instance, you could invest in a tree urn. These biodegradable urns host a sapling that will eventually grow out of the urn and form a tree. There are many brands available offering these products.
  • Human composting: Recently legalized in Washington State, human composting has yet to garner nationwide traction. The process, however, uses natural bacterial processes to decompose a body into rich fertilizing soil. This soil can then be used to nourish trees and/or be buried in a natural, ecologically conscious fashion. Human composting involves no toxic or caustic chemicals, and is among the most natural forms of burial.
  • Natural or conservation burial grounds: There are a several types of cemeteries that allow people to be interred without first being embalmed. Natural burial grounds only allow natural, unprocessed bodies to be buried there, usually in caskets or burial shrouds made from natural materials that will break down and decompose over time. Conservation burial grounds are similar to natural burial grounds, but impose stricter regulations.
  • Green headstones: It’s also important to select a headstone that’s made from ethically sourced materials. Some green headstones may be made from recycled materials, while others are carved or engraved stones sourced from a local site. If you’re going with a traditional granite stone, try to find an American supplier that has a traceable supply chain.

For nearly two decades, ICS Cremation & Funeral Home has been a trusted provider of funeral services in Lake City, FL. We’re proud to provide residents of northern Florida and southern Georgia with access to high-quality burial and cremation services. To learn more about ways that we can help you pre-plan your own funeral and burial, or arrange for interment of a loved one, reach out to one of our friendly, trusted and respectful funeral professionals today. We look forward to serving you in your time of need.

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