How to Write an Obituary

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At your loved one’s end of life, there are many plans and arrangements to be made, and it can be a stressful time filled with many overwhelming tasks. It may help to hire a funeral planner in Lake City, FL, who can guide you through the arrangements that need to be made, including writing the obituary.

Preparing an obituary for a loved one requires care, thought and time away from planning and stress to think about your loved one’s life and pay respects. If you’re writing an obituary, think about these elements as you’re going through the process:

  • Announcement of death: The obituary typically starts with the name, age and residence of the deceased, followed by the time and place of death. There are many ways to phrase the announcement of death, including “passed” or “went to be with his Lord.” Here, you can also share the cause of death if you wish, but some people prefer to keep that part private. It’s up to you and your family which details you wish to share.
  • Biographical information: Following the announcement of death is a brief outline of the loved one’s life. This is where you’ll need to be thoughtful and think about your loved one’s life and how they’d like to be remembered. You can list date and place of birth, parents’ names, spouse and date of marriage and surviving children. If you’d like, you can also talk about the deceased’s work or education if it was important to them. You can mention other significant life events or achievements, involvement in the community and meaningful examples that showcase their values or personality.
  • Family: Some people want to expound further upon the family of their loved one and include names of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. If listing a spouse’s or partner’s name who has taken on the last name of the deceased, write the spouse’s previous surname in parentheses, and if the couple was not married, list the surname with the first name.
  • Information about the service or memorial: You may want to consult your funeral planner in Lake City, FL for details about the service or memorial to include. You’ll need the time, date and address of the service along with the officiant and place of burial or interment. You’ll also want to list visitation schedules, if applicable.
  • Messages and photos: You may want to add a last personal touch to the obituary, such as personal messages and photos. This can be a line from a prayer or poem, or a short message to the recently deceased. Photos can also be a helpful addition in helping readers recognize their friend or loved one.

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