Why Would I Want to Have a Public Viewing?

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When a loved one passes away, those who remain behind must often make myriad decisions. These decisions involve burial, funeral services in Lake City, FL, estate management and more. Whether or not you have a public viewing is just one of these many decisions.

With so much on your plate, you might wonder why you would bother with having a public viewing. Is it beneficial? Should you hold one? As you weigh your options, consider the following.

What It Is

Of course, to decide whether or not to have a viewing, you must know and understand what this means. A viewing is a time for family and close friends to see the deceased and say goodbye before burial. At times, families hold a private viewing as well as a public viewing, where anyone is welcome to attend. Before the viewing, the body is usually embalmed and prepared for burial.

Their Wishes

Did the deceased leave any clear instructions regarding their wishes for funeral services in Lake City, FL? They may have indicated that they prefer cremation or a specific type of service. Keep these requests in mind as you make plans for funeral arrangements and viewings.

Their Loved Ones

Many people find a viewing helpful for closure. The most common reason to have a viewing is to provide loved ones the opportunity to say goodbye to the deceased. This can be particularly helpful to those who have not had recent contact with the deceased. It can also assist those who might be in denial about the death. The physical act of seeing the body makes the event real and forces the person to move on through the grieving process.

On the other hand, a viewing can be traumatic to some loved ones. While embalmers will try to present the deceased well, the difference in appearance can prove disturbing to some individuals. There are some who prefer to preserve their last image of their loved one as when they last saw them alive. In this case, they might not want to plan or attend a viewing. If you choose a viewing, it’s good to keep this in mind and let all family and friends know that attendance is not required.

Their Appearance

If a person’s death is physically traumatic, viewings are typically not recommended. It may be difficult for the embalmer to fully restore the body to make it presentable. In these cases, a viewing is probably less helpful and more hurtful to those who visit the deceased. You may want to choose a closed-casket or no-casket service and provide pictures of the deceased as a memorial instead of planning a viewing.

Get More Info

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