What Happens if Someone Doesn’t Leave Written Instructions for Final Wishes?

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You might be wondering what instructions you should provide for your family members regarding final wishes—or you might be on the other side of things, wondering what your family member would have wanted, since they didn’t leave any instructions. What should you do in these situations? A provider of funeral services in Lake City, FL can help.

The following FAQ will educate you on these matters and help guide you through this process. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact a local funeral home in Lake City, FL for assistance.

What if my loved one didn’t leave written instructions for their final wishes?

If an individual does not communicate their funeral wishes in writing, the laws in your state will determine who makes the decisions regarding arrangements. The typical order for whom this duty falls on is spouse, children, parents, next of kin and court-appointed public administrator.

If laws are in place to handle it, do I need to specify anything?

Even though there are established laws to designate the responsibilities of funeral arrangements, it is best if you communicate your wishes beforehand. This will eliminate any guesswork on the part of your loved ones, as well as any disputes that could arise from this guesswork. By making your wishes clear in advance, you take this burden off your family and friends.

I’m sure they know what I want, so do I really need to do anything?

You might assume that your family knows your wishes for your funeral, but they may be less sure than you think. Even if they do have a good idea now, heightened emotions during a time of grieving can make thoughts and decisions difficult. To save your grieving family from additional stress, put your wishes in writing ahead of time.

Should I put my wishes in my will?

Your will is not the best place to indicate your funeral arrangement wishes. This document probably won’t be read until several weeks after your death. Your wishes must be made known right away.

Where should I communicate my funeral arrangement wishes?

The best way to communicate these instructions is with your attorney or executor of your estate. Leave a copy of your wishes with this individual and send a copy to your loved ones. Don’t forget to update these copies if your plans change over time.

What about cost?

Another advantage of planning ahead is a reduction in cost. Making arrangements for funeral services in Lake City, FL ahead of time is typically more affordable than those made after an individual passes away. If you contact your funeral home in Lake City, FL ahead of time, you can further reduce the burden on your family by keeping costs lower.

Who Should I Contact?

To take the guesswork out of your wishes, contact your funeral home in Lake City, FL ahead of time. The staff at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home is ready to assist you with all of your arrangements. We guarantee high-quality work at the most affordable price. Our knowledgeable staff can help prearrange cremations and funerals. Our services include full funerals, urns, keepsake urns, cremations, cremation jewelry, obituaries and more. Reach out to us today.

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