Grieving Is Normal: Here Are Some Healthy Ways to Do It

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Death is inevitable. When faced with death, we have a lot of feelings to manage, including fear, anger and grief. Having these feelings is also inevitable, but it is perfectly normal and healing, as long as we learn to process these feelings in a healthy way and don’t try to avoid them. In the midst of pain, it’s easy to choose whatever coping mechanisms we are familiar with because they are easily accessible to us. However, it’s important to try and take a step back and proactively choose a healthy path for your grief.

At our funeral home in Lake City, FL, we’ve become quite familiar with grief and its effects. We won’t pretend to fully understand the particulars of your personal grief, but we can offer some tools that we’ve found helpful.

Don’t put a time limit on your pain

We all grieve, and we all grieve differently. While some people may seem “back to normal” after a few months, others may need years to feel okay with the world moving on. No matter which end of that spectrum you feel you are on, remember that there is no time limit on grief. You don’t have to feel sad for a certain period of time, nor do you need to force yourself to move on before you are ready. This is your process.

Acknowledge your feelings

People often rush into planning mode to avoid their grief. While this is normal to a point, you have to remember that things will slow down eventually, and you may feel that you did not make the most of the support that was present leading up to the funeral. It’s important to take a step back and assess how you feel, both emotionally and physically. While it may be difficult, you may find that you feel relieved to let out some of that tension.

Get support

We often hear things like “this is part of life” or “everybody dies,” which is true. However, this is not an excuse to downplay your pain or avoid seeking help and support. You shouldn’t have to grieve alone and, chances are, those around you are feeling and dealing with the same things you are. Reach out to people you know you can trust in for support, such as family, friends and even a professional counselor.

Try to resist purging

After a death, many people often feel the need to purge the existence of that person from their home. While this may serve an immediate need of not being constantly reminded of the loss, in the long run it can often be harmful, especially for children. Instead, try to remove things that are reminders of the death itself (such as medical equipment) and keep the more joyful reminders in place.

While we may not be grief counselors, as a funeral home in Lake City, FL, you will always find that we are ready to listen and offer caring support wherever we can. If you would like to know more about us, just call ICS Cremation & Funeral Home today.

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