Five Unconventional Types of Memorials and Ceremonies

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There’s nothing more intimate and personal than saying goodbye to a loved one and celebrating a life. Funerals are not only a time to grieve, but also a time to remember, a time to gather and even a time to celebrate the life of the person who has passed away.

As a funeral planner in Lake City, FL, we believe that a funeral service should follow the wishes and desires of you and your family—not convention. If the thought of a conventional funeral ceremony doesn’t seem right to you for either yourself or a loved one, there are other options available. Here are a few different types of ceremonies that you may want to consider.

Memorial reefs

If the thought of your final resting place being a box in the ground seems confining to your spirit, you may be interested in a memorial reef. Instead of a traditional coffin, cremated remains are placed in an artificial receptacle that is installed on the ocean floor. This special memorial is then left to become part of the marine habitat, becoming a home to all kinds of ocean life and plants.

Interactive headstones

If you don’t want your life story confined to the space of a headstone, you can now create an interactive headstone through the use of QR codes. Passersby can scan the code with any smartphone and instantly be connected to a memorial webpage that tells about your life, or any other message you’d like to share after you’re gone.

Participatory funerals

Most people choose to have funeral preparations taken care of by a professional, but there is a recent trend that encourages family and friends to be more involved. Some people find that being more engaged in the process can be healing and bring people together. You can choose to be as little or as greatly involved in the process as you like, even up to helping prepare the body for burial. The choice should be yours.

Water cremation

If neither the thought of a coffin or having your body turned to ash appeals to you, there is now a third option. Water cremation is a process that uses water and an alkaline solution to break the body down. The body is placed in a pressurized chamber with the water solutions, where the fluid and pressure slowly break down the body.

Green funerals

If caring for the earth is important to you, you may be concerned how chemicals and other substances that are buried along with the body may be harming the earth. If you opt for a green funeral, the body can be prepared naturally and you can choose to have a coffin that is biodegradable.

No matter what type of funeral you choose, ICS Cremation & Funeral Home can help. As a funeral planner in Lake City, FL, we specialize in creating custom services that meet the needs of our clients. If you would like to learn more about the options available to you and what we can do to help, call us today.

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