Budget-Conscious Tips for Buying an Urn in Lake City, FL

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It’s difficult to lose a close family member or friend. It is even harder to deal with this when you are the one having to break the sad news and make the funeral arrangements. And if cremation is to take place, you might be the person tasked with having to decide what will happen with the ashes. Are there plans to scattered the ashes? If not, you will need to buy a cremation urn to store your loved one’s ashes to keep them safe. However, because there are so many urns available, selecting a cremation urn can be a confusing process for some.

Choosing an urn is a personal decision that requires a bit of research before buying. Here are some tips for buying an urn in Lake City, FL, no matter your budget.

Know what’s going to happen with the ashes

Your loved one may have already decided what they want to happen with their ashes. They may wish to have them spread in a special place (or several of them), or for them to be kept in an urn in Lake City, FL. However, if the person did not leave any final wishes for the ashes, you should discuss the options with your family before buying an urn. When it comes to cremation ashes, you can get one to keep the ashes in your home or one that is meant to be buried outside.

Set a budget

Cremation urns will range in price, which is why you need to set a budget first. Knowing your price range will help narrow down your product search, thus reducing any anxiety you may be experiencing. And even if your budget is limited, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. There are beautiful low-cost options, and this does not mean low quality—in fact, you will find reasonably priced, high-quality cremation urns made of brass, pewter and natural materials. If you have a higher budget, you can get expensive materials like gold, crystal, bronze, marble or even glass.

Choose the style of the urn

You will also need to choose the style of the urn. While traditional urns are made of metal, wood, glass, stone, ceramic, precious metals and other materials, you can also opt to choose a unique style or customize the urn. For example, some traditional cremation urns resemble wide flower vases with tops or lids that can be secured to the body of the urn after the ashes have been placed inside. Examples of customized urns include urns that honor members of the armed forces, urns that pay tribute to special accomplishments and urns with added personal touches like photographs or engravings on the outside.

Pick a size

You need to be specific about the size of the urn, as this factor is just as important as the style. For reference, you’ll need about one cubic inch of ash for every pound the person weighed. To perform a rough calculation, you must consider the body weight of the person who has passed. Ultimately, you might want to buy a bigger urn than the size you calculate.

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