What Exactly Is a Funeral Director?

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One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when coping with the loss of a loved one is how to move forward with funeral and burial arrangements. This is where choosing a good funeral director is very important.

Funeral directors and funeral homes in Lake City, FL have a variety of shoes to fill, and you can learn more about some of them below. If you are currently seeking help as you start the planning process for a funeral, give ICS Cremation & Funeral Home a call. We’re here to help and support you through this difficult time.

Taking care of the body

The first step after a loved one passes is to decide what to do with their body. A funeral director can help you make arrangements for transportation from where they passed away to a funeral home for further preparation.

They can also help you prepare your loved one’s body, according to any wishes they requested before their death, and according to your instructions for how to best honor their life.

The logistics

It’s hard enough to lose a loved one, not to mention dealing with all of the logistical challenges that come soon after. A funeral director can assist you by procuring the legal paperwork you need to move forward, including death certificates, claims for benefits and more. There may even be paperwork you didn’t realize you needed—a qualified funeral director will know what to ask for, and how to help you find it.

The emotional support

One of the most difficult parts of a loss is coping with the sadness, confusion and other emotions that follow. A thoughtful funeral director will be by your side to give you the emotional support you need during this critical stage of the grieving process.

Funeral directors can also guide you to resources for further emotional healing, such as support groups or counselors.

What qualifications do they have?

Funeral directors must meet certain educational requirements before they can be approved for service. These include a high school diploma (or equivalent), an associate’s degree that deals to some extent with education in the funeral service industry and an internship with an appropriate funeral care business. The internship may be one year or several, depending on the situation.

Furthermore, a funeral director must obtain certification through an exam administered by a state and/or national board program.

Continuing education

Many funeral directors are also required to take continuing education credits in order to remain licensed. There are many different courses available through the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE). Some of these include social science (including grief counseling and funeral directing), business management, science subjects (such as chemistry, pathology, anatomy, microbiology and embalming) and ethics and legal topics.

As you can see, funeral directors play an important role in funeral homes in Lake City, FL. If you require the services of a qualified funeral director, you can depend on ICS Cremation & Funeral Home for support and assistance in your time of grief.

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