Ideas for Personalizing a Funeral Service in Lake City, FL

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Are you planning a funeral service for a loved one and looking for some ways to customize it a bit more than the traditional funeral service? Consider coming up with some ideas of items to display or other special elements to include that are unique to your loved one.

Take a look through the suggestions below, which just may spark some thoughts of your own. Then, when you’re ready to plan a funeral service in Lake City, FL, contact ICS Cremation & Funeral Home to assist with all of your needs:

  • Choose a special floral arrangement: If your loved one had a favorite flower, maybe one they enjoyed having in their home, you could plan to display a floral arrangement to help share this memory.
  • Display their artwork or other creative pursuits: Did your loved one have a passion for painting, drawing, photography or some other kind of artistic or creative pursuit? Showcase their work at the service to honor their talents and to allow your guests to remember the person more fully.
  • Play some memorable music: If the deceased had favorite songs that he or she enjoyed singing or listening to, consider making a playlist of these for the service. Alternately, if music was a large part of your loved one’s life and you have guests with musical talent, perhaps these friends or family members contribute to the service.
  • Provide a memento: Pass out an item unique to your loved one. For example, you could hand out pieces of the type of candy that the person adored. Or, if they were a cook and often exchanged recipes with friends and family, make copies of a treasured recipe to be passed out at the service.
  • Create a small display with their favorite items: Consider putting together a display of items that represented the person’s interests and passions. For example, you could display a signed baseball that was particularly cherished by your loved one if they had a favorite sports team. If they loved traveling, displaying figurines or other items they collected over the years might be a nice way to honor them.
  • Read meaningful passages: If your loved one felt a deep affinity for a particular book or poem, ask a close friend or family member to read from these passages. This helps to personalize the service in a way that captures the spirit of your loved one and goes beyond choosing a more traditional yet impersonal passage to share.

Planning a funeral might feel overwhelming on top of the countless other emotions you’re likely feeling, so it’s essential to work with a cremation and funeral services provider who offers high-quality service at an affordable price.

If you’re planning a funeral service in Lake City, FL, turn to ICS Cremation & Funeral Home. For more than 16 years, our family-owned and -operated business has been providing the best in cremation and funeral services. Our expert staff can assist with a full range of services, including full funerals, urns, keepsake urns, cremations, cremation jewelry, obituaries and more. We are committed to helping you plan the details to create the perfect memorial.

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