How Can You Help Children Cope with Grief and Loss?

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If you are currently making funeral plans in Lake City, FL to remember a loved one, you’re likely experiencing a sense of grief over the loss. However, adults are not the only ones who can experience this deep sense of emotion after a death.

Children may also be grieving in their own way after the death of a loved one. The way that they express their emotions may vary depending on a child’s age. Here are some tips for helping children to cope with grief and loss:

  • Be straightforward: Children often think in a very literal fashion, so remember to avoid using language such as “went to sleep,” “lost” or “passed on” when sharing and discussing the news about a death. Being clear with your language will likely be less confusing. In addition, don’t overwhelm them with details. Provide the type and level of detail that feels appropriate for their age and level of understanding. Take the time to answer their questions honestly, but if you’re not sure how to respond to a particular inquiry, remember that it’s ultimately more important that a child knows you are there for them.
  • Look for nonverbal signs: Not all children will express their grief or fear verbally, especially younger children. To give them the room to grieve, suggest that you look at photos of your loved one or draw pictures together. On a related note, a child who is playing often after a death or loss may not be completely over their grief. This is a variation of the defense mechanisms an adult may exhibit when struggling to cope with a situation. Therefore, don’t assume that a child who seems to be energetic and playful after a death doesn’t still have questions or concerns.
  • Don’t dismiss their feelings: Children may be fearful or emotional after a death, so it’s important to acknowledge their feelings and allow them time to grieve. Let them know that you are there to listen and remain patient with them, even if they bring up the same concern or fear more than once. This repetition may stem from a need for reassurance or a desire to make sure that the situation is still the same.
  • Pay attention going forward: Once a death or loss occurs, certain events can trigger a child’s feelings of grief down the road. An annual special event, holiday or the anniversary of the person’s death are some examples of when you might notice this.

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