Five Types of Sympathy Gifts to Send for a Memorial

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Flowers are sent for many reasons. Most notably, flowers are given in celebration or to express love. But as a way to express condolences, flowers are also traditionally sent to the loved ones of someone who has recently passed on. While this gesture is very kind, flowers need care and attention, which a person in grief may not be able to give. That’s not to say that sending flowers is out of the question, but there are other perfectly acceptable memorial gifts you can send that are not flowers.

Below, an experienced funeral home shares the best types of sympathy gifts to send for a memorial or funeral service in Lake City, FL:

  • Photos you have of the person: Putting together a photo album or creating a disc filled with photos for the family is a beautiful gift—especially if you have photos the family doesn’t already have of their loved one. As time goes on, the family will want to look back at all the wonderful memories captured in those pictures.
  • A memorial stone: If the person who’s passed on loved the outdoors, consider giving a custom-made memorial stone or plaque. Their family can put it in the garden—like under a favorite tree or near a sitting bench—as a reminder of their loved one.
  • A simple card with kind words: Although they do care, some people really don’t know what to say in the event of a death. When in doubt, or when you don’t know what to give, a simple sympathy card is more than okay. It’s a good idea to send out cards as soon as you learn of a passing.
  • Food: Grocery shopping and cooking are not things people want to do right after a loved one has died. As a friend or family member, you might decide to bring non-perishable food items when dropping by. You can also extend the offer to cook for them sometime.
  • Donate time off: If you learn a co-worker has lost someone, rally others to donate extra time off to them. Some companies only give a few days of bereavement time, while others give no time off at all.

Keep in mind that the family may have already told you what gifts are best. For instance, they may have left a request on the service invitation, obituary or “in remembrance” website stating what friends and family can do instead of sending flowers. You can also call the funeral home for instructions from the family. Look for the phrase “in lieu of flowers,” and be sure to respect this request. A popular suggestion is to make a donation to an organization chosen by the family.

When the time comes and a loved one passes, know you can turn to the caring staff at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home for help planning the funeral service in Lake City, FL. We know you are grieving and likely overwhelmed, which is why we will be at your side helping you through every step of the planning process. Please don’t hesitate to call us anytime.

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