Should You Have a Memorial with Cremation Services in Lake City, FL?

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If you or your loved one have chosen cremation, you may wonder how to honor them after the completion of cremation services in Lake City, FL. A traditional funeral may not seem appropriate. However, a memorial of some kind is still recommended if you choose the cremation route. Holding this ceremony offers several benefits to friends and family:

  • It provides closure: Loved ones need an opportunity to say goodbye. A memorial offers this opportunity. If you are tempted to skip the process of planning a memorial, it is highly recommended that you don’t. If the thought of making arrangements sounds overwhelming, just keep the details simple. It may be hard, but it’s important to give yourself and others the chance to celebrate and remember your loved one and get the closure you need.


  • It provides connection: A memorial offers time for individual closure, but it also provides a time of connection. Family and friends can gather and lean on one another for support during this difficult period. Making these relationship connections is often part of the healing process as we mourn.


  • It can be independent: A memorial service after cremation services in Lake City, FL does not have to involve the funeral director. Feel free to make whatever arrangements you prefer. A simple service at home, in a park or at your loved one’s favorite setting are all highly appropriate options. While the funeral director may help you with certain arrangements, this does not have to be the case. Friends and family can create a beautiful memorial on their own, if desired.


  • It honors your loved one: In addition to providing closure for friends and family, a memorial offers the opportunity to honor your loved one. While mourning, you can also celebrate the life they had and the contributions they made. You can view the memorial service as a final party in their honor. You can display pictures, awards and other accomplishments at the memorial to commemorate all they did during their time with you. Afterwards, you will be glad you took the time to honor them in such a beautiful way.


  • It offers flexibility: Many times, families prefer non-traditional services for cases of cremation. If you want to say your goodbyes, but aren’t sure how, a memorial gives you the perfect occasion to do so in a non-traditional way. You may choose to sprinkle your loved one’s ashes during a memorial in a unique setting. You may invite several people to speak about your loved one’s life, or play their favorite music. A cremation memorial service can be as unique or traditional as you’d like.

If you’ve chosen cremation services in Lake City, FL, you can also choose a memorial service. Whether you want something traditional or as unique as your loved one, this service provides the opportunity for closure, connection and remembrance that you and your family need. If you need any assistance in planning or making preparations for your memorial, don’t hesitate to contact the helpful staff at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home.

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