Five Ways to Honor Those Who Have Served Our Country During Funeral Services in Lake City, FL

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Veterans deserve special honor during funeral services in Lake City, FL. They have dedicated their lives to serving our country and possibly even given their lives in the line of duty. If your loved one was among these brave men and women, you may be wondering how to honor their service at their memorial. Following are a few traditions that allow you to remember their service and celebrate the patriotic life they lived:

  • Military Funeral Honors: Eligible veterans can receive Military Funeral Honors free of charge. An honor guard detail of at least two members of the Armed Forces will fold and present the American flag to the next of kin. When available, a bugler will play taps, or, if not, an electronic recording will be played. These honors are the most traditional way to remember your loved one’s service.
  • Choose a unique location: To honor their service, you may want to hold your loved one’s memorial at a location that represents their military affiliation. A military park, museum or memorial may be available that would provide a perfect setting for your love one’s funeral services in Lake City, FL. Your local funeral director and VA services can inform you of any suitable locations.
  • Write a letter: As part of the service, you or another family member or friend can write a letter to your loved one and those with whom they served. Include your thanks for their service and all they did for our country. If you have access to the information, you can include the names of the other personnel in their unit, their supervisors or commanding officers and anyone else who made an impact on their military career. You can read this letter at their service, then send copies to each of these individuals as a memorial to your loved one and a thank you to the recipients.
  • Collect donations: In lieu of flowers, instruct family and friends to make donations to an appropriate organization. The local VA office, a veterans memorial, the VFW or other local organizations are all options. Perhaps your loved one belonged to an organization, and you can honor them by donating to it. Or, if they were treated at a military-affiliated hospital, you can suggest that people give donations to that facility.
  • Share their story: Too often, we never hear how specific individuals have impacted our nation. To honor your loved one, let others know what they’ve done. Share their story, their service, their struggles, their sacrifices and their patriotism with the world. Post this on social media. Contact your local paper to write up their story. Whether small or large, you can make efforts to get their story out there so others will know how your loved one served us all.

As you search for ways to honor those who have served our country, use professional funeral services in Lake City, FL as a resource. Funeral directors and staff can share ideas and provide assistance to create a beautiful memorial for your loved one.

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