Etiquette for Attending a Funeral Service in Lake City, FL

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If you haven’t had much experience attending funerals or visitations, the passing of a loved one can be even more difficult to navigate than usual. Even if you’ve attended a funeral service in Lake City, FL before, you might still be confused about basic funeral etiquette or how to respectfully attend a visitation. If you’re nervous or unsure about how to respectfully attend a funeral service or visitation, there are a few basic etiquette guidelines that you can follow:

  • Funeral attire: If you don’t have an all-black outfit to wear to the funeral, don’t panic; you don’t have to wear black clothes from head to toe. Instead, wear whichever black or dark colors you do have. You should stick to muted colors that are toned down and won’t be a distraction at the funeral services. It’s also important to make sure that you take some time to polish your shoes, iron your shirt and trim your nails.
  • Knowing when you should attend a funeral service or visitation: If you don’t know the deceased well, you might be wondering whether it is appropriate for you to attend the funeral or visitation. As long as the service isn’t private, the invitation to attend is typically extended to anyone who feels like they want to be there. However, if you were not asked to come to a private service, it is best not to inquire about an invitation—the family will extend the invitation to the individuals whom they think should be there.
  • Attending a visitation: If you do not feel like approaching an open casket, you do not have to. You can attend a visitation and offer support to the family members of the deceased without physically going up to the coffin. If a family member requests that you approach the coffin with them, try to be supportive insofar as you feel able. During a visitation, it is incredibly important to remain respectful, so you should never take any photos, even of something as seemingly innocuous as the floral arrangements.
  • Conversing with family and friends: At a funeral or memorial service, you will likely be reunited with friends and family whom you haven’t seen in a while. It is perfectly appropriate to talk about happy memories that you have of the individual who passed away, and you shouldn’t feel bad for smiling or laughing as you reminisce. Just make sure to keep the conversation respectful, and don’t be distracted by discussions of politics or negative memories.

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