Answers to Common Questions About Straight Burial

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When it comes to end-of-life planning and burial options, there is a wide range of choices available. Sometimes, all of the options can seem a bit overwhelming, but understanding the choices available to you can help give you peace of mind when it comes to final planning. Among your choices for burial is straight burial, which is also commonly referred to as natural burial. The concept behind straight burial is that the body is returned as naturally as possible to the earth. This choice is common among individuals who are passionate about environmental causes or simply want the burial process to be as natural as possible. If you’d like to find out more about straight burial, talk to a funeral planner in Lake City, FL and take a look at some of the common questions answered below:

  • What is involved in a straight burial? Since straight burial is based on the concept of keeping the burial process as close to nature as possible, every aspect of the burial is planned with environmental simplicity in mind. The body is generally buried in the days immediately following death, and a simple cardboard or biodegradable casket is used rather than one made of hardwood. Some people also choose to be buried in a shroud.
  • Is embalming a part of the straight burial process? In general, embalming does not take place as part of the straight burial process. Because of the chemicals involved in embalming, it can be unhealthy for the soil in which the burial takes place. Since embalming is usually not involved in a straight burial, the burial takes place within just a few days of the passing.
  • Where can straight burial take place? There are many designated natural burial sites across the world, including many in Florida. These sites are often in very pristine natural areas. Straight burials can also take place on private land.
  • What kind of funeral arrangements are involved? Because embalming is not a part of the straight burial process and burial takes place shortly after death, funerals and wakes are usually not a part of the process. A memorial service after the burial might take place if desired and can be arranged according to the wishes of the individual who has passed.
  • What is the cost compared to a traditional service? Because there is no embalming, expensive casket or elaborate funeral services involved in a straight burial, the cost is significantly less in most cases than a traditional burial. The entire straight burial process is designed to be natural and simplistic and can be a very serene option that isn’t very expensive.

If you have more questions about straight burial, reach out to ICS Cremation & Funeral Home. A knowledgeable funeral planner in Lake City, FL can help explain every part of the process and work with you to preplan services or burial wishes or help you make arrangements after the passing of a loved one. We have experience with a wide range of burial, memorial, cremation and funeral options and can offer quality service at affordable costs. For more information about all that we do, give our team a call.

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