Remember Your Loved One with These Cremation Keepsake Options

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It’s more than natural to feel a deep sense of loss when a loved one passes away. They’re gone in life, and not too soon after, so is their body. But you do have another option aside from a burial service that allows you to keep your loved one nearby: cremation. Maybe cremation was their wish, or the decision has been left to you—just know that you can choose something other than a traditional urn in Lake City, FL to hold cremated remains. These options are called cremation keepsakes, and they give you the opportunity to place a small amount or all of the cremated ashes in a unique or customized object.

There is no urgency in deciding on an urn or keepsake item. If you need time, let the funeral home know so they can make the proper arrangements, then ask family and friends for help making a decision. Here are a few cremation keepsake options to honor loved ones who have passed:

  • Keepsake urns: Instead of holding all cremated remains like a traditional urn, keepsake urns hold a small portion of the cremation ashes. They often resemble mini urns. A loved one’s remains are then separated into several smaller keepsake urns and given to close family and friends to keep in their homes. This type of urn in Lake City, FL is also the perfect transport system for honoring a final wish for ashes to be scattered in different locations.
  • Keepsake jewelry: If you want to keep a loved one really close, then a piece of keepsake jewelry is a lovely option. A keepsake necklace pendant, locket, ring or customized bracelet charm will have a little inner chamber to hold a small portion of cremation ashes. This will be a sentiment you create, so don’t let the small amount of cremation ashes turn you off from keepsake jewelry. It’s the best way to keep someone safe and close to your heart, to remind you of all the great memories you shared.
  • Keep them close: Like keepsake jewelry, cremation keepsakes in the form of personal accessories are a nice way to remember your loved one. Consider items you are likely to keep on your person—like a keychain or pen. Since you always use your keys and pens, that special person will always be with you.
  • Non-traditional urns: For a special place of rest, you can go beyond traditional urns and smaller cremation keepsakes and choose a more non-traditional route—like a candle, clock, picture frame, figurine, teddy bear or garden monument. Cremation ashes that are held in such keepsakes can be placed anywhere in your home. The fact that it’s an urn will be apparent or known only to you, your family and close friends.

Mourning the loss of a loved one is a deeply emotional experience and differs from one person to another. So, whether you prefer a traditional style urn in Lake City, FL or a customized cremation keepsake, let ICS Cremation & Funeral Home help by walking you through a variety of options. Please do not hesitate to contact us for funeral service assistance.

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