Four Tips from Your Funeral Planner in Lake City, FL About Speaking at a Funeral

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Although it’s an honor to be asked to be a speaker at a funeral service, it can also be an intimidating, emotional and daunting task. In the wake of coping with the loss of someone close to you, the thought of public speaking may just seem like too much to handle.

If you’re experiencing the uncertainty and anxiety that often accompanies speaking at a funeral service, don’t panic. We’re here to help. As your funeral planner in Lake City, FL, we’re always available to offer the emotional support you need to get through every part of the funeral planning process, including preparing to deliver a eulogy. Below are four tips to help you deal with the stress and pressures of speaking at a funeral:

  • It’s okay to be emotional: Some people are terrified of getting choked up in the middle of their speech. It’s important to remember that you will struggle to keep your emotions in check during your speech, but that’s expected. Your audience knows how hard this is for you, and there will be zero judgment if you choke up a little or need to take a minute to gather yourself.
  • Have a backup plan: It’s hard to know exactly how you will handle speaking at a funeral until you are in the moment. If the moment does become too much for you, it can be helpful to have a backup plan in place. Talk to someone close to you and ask if they would mind stepping in to ask for a pause or fill in a gap if you need a moment. If you plan to write the eulogy yourself, you can even ask someone else to read it in the event that you are unable to go on.
  • Choose someone in your audience to focus on: This is a tried and true trick for public speaking that we learn in school. Look for a friend or family member that you can count on to smile and provide strength and encouragement. Focusing on that person and imagining you are speaking to them will not only give you the strength to get through your speech but it will also help it to sound more from the heart.
  • Remember why you’re doing this: Sometimes focusing on the person you are honoring with your speech will help you to focus on them and less on your own pain. Imagine how much your loved one would appreciate your words and how proud they would be of you. This can help give you the strength to get through your message.

Planning a funeral is already difficult and emotionally strenuous, so adding public speaking to your long list of funeral arrangements can seem overwhelming. We hope the few tips above will help relieve you of some of the pressure of speaking at a funeral. Remember, the staff at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home is also always here to help you every step of the way. Please contact us to learn more about how we can assist you as your funeral planner in Lake City, FL.

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