Benefits of Granite Headstones in Lake City, FL

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When a loved one’s death is unexpected, there may not be any plan prepared for their funeral, which means it will be your responsibility to make decisions regarding this important matter. In addition to choosing a funeral home, you’ll have to find a casket, pick a headstone and more. Should you find yourself having a difficult time choosing a headstone, perhaps looking at granite headstones and their many benefits would help you make a decision.

Here are five benefits of granite headstones in Lake City, FL:

  • Durable: Ideally, the headstone you purchase will last for many years. Between the weather and time, many things can wear down a headstone, so it is important that you purchase one that is strong and durable. Granite is a material that is known to stand strong against weathering and time. There is no need to worry about your loved one’s headstone losing form or falling apart, which is something that can otherwise happen depending on the headstone material.
  • Versatility: Versatility is important for a lot of things, including headstones. When you are planning a funeral, you should be able to take your pick between having the headstone etched, sandblasted or carved. Some people prefer one option over the other, so it’s nice to be able to have options and choose the one that you believe your loved one would have liked. Sandblasting and etching are actually popular choices for those who purchase granite headstones.
  • Aesthetic: One of the main goals when purchasing a headstone is to find one that is beautiful and fitting of the decedent’s personality. What people love about granite headstones are the flecks of colors found in the granite, thanks to the minerals that make up the stone, such as quartz and feldspar. Since the headstones are durable and last for years, their beauty will be seen for years.
  • Affordable: With funerals already being expensive, you want to be sure you make affordable choices when they are possible. The casket is one of the largest funeral purchases you will make, but you will find that headstones can be costly as well. If money is a concern and you want to stick to your budget, you can still purchase your loved one a beautiful granite headstone, because they are fairly affordable.
  • Heavy: You have taken the time to pick out the perfect headstone and would be ashamed if it were stolen or otherwise damaged. A headstone’s weight may seem like an odd characteristic to factor into a purchase, but it is not uncommon for headstones to be stolen from cemeteries. The lighter the headstone, the easier it is to steal. However, granite is heavy and difficult to move, so people just can’t walk into the cemetery and steal your loved one’s headstone.

Every aspect of your loved one’s funeral should be to their liking. When there is no plan in place, you have to make the decisions. It can be a lot of pressure, but not many have gone wrong when they have chosen to purchase a granite headstone.

Would you like more information about granite headstones in Lake City, FL? You can speak to a representative at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home today to learn more about your options.

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