Writing Their Life Story: The Benefits of an Obituary

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Families feeling the pressure of planning a funeral service in Lake City, FL in a short amount of time may be questioning the importance of an obituary or may not feel up to the task of writing one in the midst of everything going on. However, many people do not realize how important and actually beneficial an obituary can be to the family:

  • It helps to acknowledge the loss: The writing of the obituary for a loved one means that you are creating a written acknowledgement of the death. Because the first stage of grief is denial, acknowledging the death in this way can be a first step towards acceptance and healing.
  • It allows you to express the pain you are feeling: Psychologists often talk about the therapeutic benefits of writing. Expressing yourself in writing gives you the time to think through your feelings. Although an obituary may not be the place to express everything you’re feeling, it does help to think through the words to express the pain in the wake of loss.
  • It gives you the opportunity to reminisce and celebrate their life: Perhaps a celebration of the person’s life is the main reason to write an obituary for your loved one. You look back on the life of your loved one, from birth until their passing, at everything they accomplished, what they cherished, your favorite memories together and the lives they touched. It can be a truly edifying experience to see how your loved one impacted your family and the world around them.
  • It enlists the aid of the community: When dealing with the passing of a loved one, your family will need support. Printing an obituary allows the local community to reach out to your family to offer support, condolences and help. You may even find that your loved one has touched lives and has friends in places you never even realized.
  • It adds a page to your family’s history: It may not seem important now, but an obituary is vital to maintaining your family’s history. Genealogists and people looking to research their family history depend on obituaries to learn about family members that have passed, their children, spouses, parents, dates and places of birth, as well as the type of people they were. By not writing an obituary, you may be depriving future generations from ever getting to know their ancestor.
  • It provides the funeral details: Finally, the obituary is a formal way of letting everyone know the details for the funeral service in Lake City, FL, such as location, date, time, visitation and how to offer condolences to the family. It can save you the hassle of having to locate and inform as many people personally.

Before you decide to forgo writing an obituary for your loved one, carefully consider the many benefits an obituary can provide to the family. It is one way to remember your loved one and to ensure their memory is carried on to future generations.

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