Seven Ways to Personalize Your Funeral Services in Lake City, FL

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Many people come to us with stories of negative experiences they’ve had at funeral services in Lake City, FL that felt very impersonal and not at all reflective of the person who had passed. Like any major event in the course of someone’s life, such as a wedding or a birthday, a funeral should be a reflection of the unique individual that person was.

Here at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home, we strive to do everything we can to make each service unique. If you’re not sure how to make your funeral service feel more personal, here are a few things we would suggest:

  • Photo displays: Photo displays, from scrapbooks to slideshows, are not only an excellent way to personalize a funeral service, but they are also a way to reminisce with family and recall all the joyful moments you had together.
  • Personalized floral arrangements: Consider using flowers to add a unique touch. You can incorporate little accessories into floral arrangements, such as fishing tackle for someone who enjoyed fishing, or possibly using a favorite coffee mug instead of a vase. There are many unique ideas to personalize the flowers for your service.
  • Mementos for guests: Mementos are an excellent way to personalize a service as well as give guests a small keepsake. You could make a bookmark with a favorite poem, or a small photo magnet. Guests will appreciate having something as a remembrance.
  • Donate to a charity: If you know of a favorite cause or charity, you can make a donation to that charity or ask friends and family to make a donation instead of sending gifts or flowers. It’s a nice way to personalize the services as well as highlight a favorite cause and do some good.
  • Favorite foods: If there was a favorite food or special dish, you can look for ways to incorporate that into the meal after the service. For example, a love for doughnuts can be marked by offering a doughnut ensemble, or you can make pizza the main course for a pizza lover.
  • Place personal or favorite items in the casket: Although we know “you can’t take it with you,” it’s a nice, personal touch to put a personal or favorite item within the casket—perhaps a favorite book, a fishing rod or a stuffed toy. Whatever the item may be, it’s another nice way of acknowledging a unique personality.
  • Play a favorite song: Although a funeral is a time for solemnity and grieving, it can also be a time to celebrate a person’s life. One way to do that is with a favorite song. Even if a song isn’t traditionally regarded as “funeral appropriate,” if it was a favorite song, it is perfectly acceptable here.

A funeral is a time to say goodbye, but it is also a time to remember who that person was. Personalizing your funeral services in Lake City, FL is one way to celebrate the memory of a loved one. All of us at ICS Cremation & Funeral Home are available to assist you or answer any questions you may have about planning a funeral service. Please call us today to schedule a consultation.

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