Why You Should Take Time to Grieve as Part of the Healing Process

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Has a loved one or someone else you were close to recently passed away? Perhaps you are looking into funeral homes in Lake City, FL that can perform the services that would best honor your loved one’s wishes.

After experiencing a loss, it’s important not to overlook the necessity of allowing yourself to move through grief in its various forms as part of your healing process. Here, learn more about why it can be harmful not to express your feelings of grief and some suggestions for processing your grief.

Why is it important not to suppress grief?

If you continue to not address your feelings of grief and leave them unresolved, ultimately you’ll likely find that your body will find a way to communicate those feelings. This may show up in the form of pain, insomnia, tiredness or worsening of health conditions you may have already been experiencing.

Here are some ways that you might choose to work through your grief:

  • Talk to family and friends: If your loved ones offer to help you or to lend an ear as you are going through the healing process, accept their offer of assistance rather than trying to appear “strong.” Allowing yourself to work through your feelings is more emotionally healthy than attempting to put on a brave face and not giving yourself the chance to grieve properly.
  • Turn to your religious community: If following a particular religious tradition is part of your life, your faith’s mourning rituals may help you in your healing. Activities such as attending church, meditating and praying may provide you with a loving, safe environment to work through the healing process.
  • Seek additional help: Sometimes, sharing your experiences with others who have gone through similar losses can help. Consider looking into a local bereavement support group. To find one near you, contact counseling centers, funeral homes and hospitals in your area. Similarly, if your grief feels overwhelming and you feel you would benefit from talking with a professional, a therapist who specializes in grief counseling might be the solution you need and can help you work through your emotions and understand your grieving process.
  • Take care of yourself: During this time, make sure you don’t neglect to take care of yourself and your physical and emotional needs. This may take the form of exercise, eating well or expressing your feelings in a journal or selecting another method that allows you to get your feelings out in a substantive or creative way. Above all, know that grief and its forms do not look the same for everyone, and there is no correct timetable for moving through the healing process.

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