Save Your Family Money and Stress by Preplanning Funeral Services in Lake City, FL

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While death may be something that’s uncomfortable to think about until the time comes, it’s not too late to begin making arrangements for your funeral and to consider the type of service that would suit you best.

That way, you will save your family significant money and stress when the need arises for them to plan for funeral services in Lake City, FL. They will be able to honor your wishes and to have peace of mind in knowing that they are making the arrangements as you had preferred.

Here are some key concepts to know as you begin your preplanning process:

  • Know what “planning” means: First, it’s important to know that planning ahead for your funeral means more than just telling your loved ones about the type of funeral you would like to have. You should proactively shop and look for items and services such as the cemetery plot, casket and other related elements to help you to determine exactly what you want at the price point that makes the most sense for you and your family.
  • Determine the specifics: Where would you like to be buried, for example? This may be a decision that’s straightforward for you, and it saves your family the task of trying to decide under duress whether you’d like to be buried in the area where you lived or closer to where you grew up—or someplace else entirely. Or, for that matter, if you want to be cremated, decide on your wishes related to this process and be sure your family is familiar with the exact details so they can most effectively and efficiently honor your wishes.
  • Look into state laws: Additionally, as part of your research, be sure that you understand what your state requires you to have by law, and what it doesn’t. Examples worth looking into include grave liners (which prevent the ground from settling over the grave) and embalming. While many states do not require that a service be held at a funeral home, be sure to check the laws in your jurisdiction.
  • Decide about prepaying: Making a prepayment relieves your loved ones from needing to find money that may not be there and the related stress that can come with this. Prepayment can take several forms, including creating an investment account for these funds, purchasing a specific life insurance policy or making a payment to the funeral home directly. Determine what makes sense for you if prepayment is an option that works well for you and your loved ones.

By following the above advice, your surviving family members won’t be pushed into scrambling to come to a consensus about what your wishes would have been, or into deciding on potentially expensive options or services while also balancing extreme levels of stress.

If you’re ready to look into funeral services in Lake City, FL to determine the options that would best honor your wishes, the knowledgeable staff at ICS Cremation and Funeral Home can help prearrange cremations and funerals. We perform high-quality work at the most affordable price. Contact us today for more details or to make arrangements.

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